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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set

I am subscribed to Coastal Scents newsletters and have already purchased a palette and a Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush previously.  Both these products are awesome quality and would not hesitate buying from Coastal Scents in the future.  Coastal Scents have sales so often.  Chances are that a product I am lemming will go on sale at some time or the other.

My latest purchase was the 22 piece brush set.  Normal price $34.95.  This was purchased on sale for $19.  What a bargain.  That works out to $0.87 a brush.  I googled brush sets in South Africa and realized how expensive they are.  I have lots of brushes, but from different brands so everything was so mismatched.  Not very professional.

22 Piece Brush Set
All twenty-two cosmetic brushes fit perfectly together in a matte black, Coastal Scents imprinted roll up case making this set ideal for travel. Roll it, snap it, and you’re set to go!

 This set contains a mixture of synthetic, nylon, goat, and pony haired brushes.

1. Large Fan
     Synthetic Hair

2. Powder Buffer
     Synthetic Hair

3. Round Powder
     Synthetic Hair

4. Flat Buffer
     Synthetic Hair

5. Angle Blush
     Goat Hair

6. Foundation
     Fiber Hair

7. Concealer
     Nylon Hair

8. Large Shadow
     Pony Hair

9. Blender
     Pony Hair

10. Doe Foot Blender
       Pony Hair

11. Dome Shadow
       Pony Hair

12. Dome Blender
       Pony Hair

13. Medium Shadow
       Pony Hair

14. Detail Shadow
       Pony Hair

15. Lip
       Pony Hair

16. Detail Concealer
       Fiber Hair

17. Pointed Blender
       Pony Hair
18. Brow
       Pony Hair

19. Smudger Sponge

20. Large Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair

21. Medium Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair

22. Small Liner/Brow
       Nylon Hair

Length: 24.50" (62.23 cm) 
Width: 9.50" (24.13 cm)
Height: 0.50" (1.30 cm)
Length: 6.99" (16.99 cm)
Width: 9.50" (24.13 cm)
Height: 1.56" (4.00 cm

It also has an extra section with a zip so that I can add extra things in the case.
It is recommend to wash the brushes prior to use.There was no shedding whatsoever after washing the brushes.  I went on a Bridal makeup trial run the other day and it looked very professional.  I am very happy with my purchase (A Christmas present to myself).

Coastal Scent also always adds a free gift in with your purchase which is always nice to get.  The last time I received a loose pigment which was awesome.
This time I received a small quad (shown below) and a cute sticker - I heart makeup.

So everytime I have purchased from Coasal Scents I have been extremely happy with my purchase and they have awesome sales at prices that you wil not get in South Africa.

Check out their website and subscribe to their website at

Please leave me a comment below and let me now what you purchased from Coastal Scents and if you enjoyed your product or not.   Also let me know what you would like to purchase.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Beauty Treats 24 Colour Warm Eye Palette

I found the Beauty Treats 24 Colour Warm Eye Palette in Dischem while doing my normal toiletry shopping.  There where only a few left and at that price, how could I leave it?  For R49 for the palette, it works out to about R2 per shadow.  I think it would be perfect as a gift for a female.

I did not expect much quality wise but was very surprised.  The darker shadows show up better and more pigmented than the lighter shades.  But I always use a primer underneath so I don't have a problem.  I have done a neutral look, a cranberry smokey eye, grey smokey eye, and other looks that I felt like doing on any given day.  I have carried it my spare bag many times with no problems with eyesahdows breaking.  It has a sturdy plastic case.  

This palette now lives in my draw at work, so on days I am rushing and don't get a chance to do my eyemakeup before I leave home, I always have a back-up at work. 

Easyglide Khol Pencils - 2 True Cosmetics

After I did my first 2 True haul I used the black khol pencil very often and loved it so much I went back to get tone in brown which is more subtle for every day use in the office.

These pencils are smooth and creamy and rival high end pencils in my opinion.
I use them on my water line, tight line and upper lash line.  On days I wear gel eyeliner on my upper lash line I still use these for my water line and tight line.
As usual.2 True has one item for R39 or 3 items for R89, which makes sense to take 3 items.  They are sold exclusively by certain Clicks Stores.

Also, I found the two mascaras I purchased to be very decent and I like them more than Essence and Catrice mascaras. They are okay for everyday use.  I use higher end mascaras when I go out or want more drama.  The two I purchased where EncrediLash and Voluptulash.  I always layer mascaras so I tend to use these together.

Which item.are you loving from 2 True?


L.A Girl Gel Eyeliner. - Product Rave

 L.A Girl products are sold in Dischem Stores.  I have other products from this line including lipglosses and eyeliner pencils. The gel eyeliners where recently introduced to the store and when I first saw it I bought it in black.  For R29 surely, it was worth a try.  You know how ridiculously priced high end eyeliners cost. Well it was awesome.  I cant rave enough about it.  The texure and longevity is excellent.  This is better than many low end and high end gel eyelines I have tried.  It beats my Smashbox liners any day!

I liked it so much I went back and bought one in dark brown.  They where practically all sold because being so popular.  They came out with many different colours.  I had hoped to get one in purple, but it had been sold out already.  Also it comes with an eyeliner brush which I have used.  Although I reach for my Essence angled liner brush most days.

UBU Blender Baby Foundation Sponge - Beauty Blender

I have been watching YouTube makeup gurus rave about the infamous "Beauty Blender" for so long with envy.  I Googled the Beauty Blender in South Africa a year ago and came up with a.price of over R300 excluding shipping. No ways was I going to pay so much for a sponge and took it off my lemming list.

Well, three weeks ago I was doing my toiletry shopping at Clicks with a friend when she spotted the UBU Beauty Blender.  I could not believe my eyes and grabbed that baby off the shelf immediately.  It retails for R99 and yes it was totally worth it! I have been testing it out, and now I know what all the rave was about.  I have many other brushes from UBU and knew that they have good quality products.

The first thing that caught my eye was the pink sticker on the box saying " no latex ladies".  Some people are.allergic to latex, so those that do will not get an allergic reaction to this. 

I found that you can use it wet or dry. All I do s wet the blender and squeeze out the excess water.  I then dot the foundation onto my face then use the blender to smooth it out.  It gives the most natural finish. There are no streaky foundation lines and my face looks smooth.  I along use the smaller pointed end to smooth out concealer under my eyes - eliminates the caked up look. This blender cuts my application time in half.  Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

I also wash my sponge like I.wash my regular foundation brushes.  I have a previous blogpost on how I wash my brushes. 

Have you tried the UBU Blender Baby Foundation Sponge? If so, leave me a.comment below and let me know how you like it or not.


Time To Purge Again!

So I went through my makeup collection like I always do now and again to wipe down / sanitize my makeup items.  I then evalaute what I have not used in a while and need to give away to someone who needs and appreciates makeup (after I have sanitized it, otherwise I would never pass it on)  Then there are items that are just old or do not look like they can be given to anyone.

So the picture above shows what I am purging/ throwing away.  These are all low end items.  Thank goodness my high end items last forever.  These I don't mind throwing away.
Two gel eyeliners, brown and black (saved these once before in the microwave. They are now dead.
6 blushes
1 Revlon bronzed (this was my HG bronzer the whole of last year)
Eyeshadow trio
Revlon cream shadow quad
2 My Glam eye and blush palettes

Remember using old products on your skin means, break-outs or worse so get rid of them!

Have you ever purged any makeup items? If so leave me a comment and let me know.

Avon Haul

Here is some.of the purchases I made from Avon.  All.of these were marked down in price.  As everyone knows, Avon is one of the biggest direct sellers to the public.  There are specials every month in the catalogs which you can view online or via one of their agents.

Avon Care body lotion, glycerin hand cream and lip balm was on special for R49 for all three. It was really worth it.

Herbal Care Cholesterol Treatment Conditioner was marked down to R29.  It smells of cocoa butter and I am looking forward to trying this, hoping it will revive my dry hair.

Solutions Sensitive Botanical s Gentle Toning Cleanser.  I have sensitive skin so I try to buy products meant for.sensitive skin. It was an'end of range product in their catalog marked down to R35.

Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in treatment was on special.for R89 for all 3 products.  I used the leave in treatment once before and liked it.  The Moroccan Argan Oil products at Scott and Wells are very pricey so I hope these are just as good.

Avon Simply Pretty Lipsticks in Cool.Coral and Soft Berry. These are any two lipsticks for R55.  I purchased the Cool Coral to use on my Cousin for her wedding.  The Soft Berry is for myself which I can't wait to use.  They are both gorgeous colours.

Avon Little Red Dress Mascara marked down to R34.  I can't resist mascara and at that price you can't go wrong. I have short lashes so I hope it does what it promises.

These three lipsticks where purchased on a separate occasion. I have come to love Avon lipsticks. They are true to their colour and have great pigmentation, There are very high quality lipsticks that smell pleasant.   I have the shades Cherry Red, Darling Mauve and Cranberry.  These where on sale for R19 each.  The qualify is so good which is why I ourches thet wo mentioned above.

The Clearskin Blemish Clearing wipes where a free gift from my Avon Rep.

Avon Simply Pretty eyeshadow duo in "Envy - dark green" was also a gift from my Rep on another occasion. This shadow compliments my green eyes very well. She is such a sweetheart isn't she?

What are your favourite Avon products that you think I should try?  Leave me a.comment below and let me know.