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Sunday, 10 May 2015

April 2015 Favourites

Hi There

These are the products that I enjoyed using in the month of April:

Beauty Treats 24 Color Warm Eye Palette
With flash

 Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco - Extra Penetrating Oil 
Bobbi Browln Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15 (Light)
Bourjois Rouge Edition  04 Rose Tweed
Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Red Wine

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & Setting Brush

BeChic Blush CB101 Natural
Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Smoky Eyes Mascara

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Japanese Birthday Haul

This belated birthday haul is from my bff.  We love watching YouTube videos about Asian skincare and makeup, which she has been using a lot of these days.
I was so excited to receive these items especially since Canmake is such a well known brand.

Here are the items I received:

Canmake Eyeshadow Primer
Canmake Day & Night Lip Serum
 Canmake Moisturisng Face Primer

Canmake Gel Volume Top Coat
Art Collection Volume Mascara
 Canmake Gokunobi Mascara
Daiso Oil Blotting Papaer
Daiso Collagen Face Mask
Sensual Skin Bath Set: shower gel, body spray, bubble bath, bath bomb & face cloth
Oil control papers

Daiso Natural Charcoal Pore Care Pack

Saturday, 4 April 2015

March 2015 Favourites : Skincare


Here where my skincare favourites for March 2015.  I have already posted my Makeup favourites for the month of March. Click here to see my March 2015 Makeup Favourites.

Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Repairing Eye Balm 15.0 ml Repairing Eye Cream
My Clarins Eye cream that I love (and still do) was finished. I was browsing in Foschini and saw this baby.  I picked it up because it said it contains "Royal Jelly"  which is a very hydrating ingredient.  My under eye area is very dry so I look for hydrating ingredients and this is very thick and hydrating. I also have sensitive eyes and this does not irritate them at all.  It feels thick and luxurious.  Although it says "Eye Balm" is feel like a cream instead, which I prefer.  I can't use eye lotions and gels, or balms as they do not do the trick for me.

Loreal Revialift magic Blur Instant Skin Smoother Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
Honestly, I should have put this product under my makeup favourites instead of my skincare favourites.  Reason being, I use it as an under eye primer before applying concealer. I mentioned that my under eye area is very dry, and this seems to have moisturising properties with the added benefit of being a skin smoother.  I apply it after eye cream and before concealer.  I am enjoying this combo. In my honest opinion, I find this product way better that the Smashbox Under Eye Hydrating Primer, which was a waste of money.


IQ Sun Care Face and Body SPF 50 Daily Defence UVA & UVB Protection
Product description - A non-oily water resistant cream that helps protect skin from ageing UVA and burning UVB rays.  
The fact that it prevents premature ageing and helps protect collagen and gives wrinkle prevention is everything I want in a sun protection cream.  I went swimming with this on my face and I did not have to re-apply.  It is also mineral oil free.  The IQ skincare range is developed by dermatologists so I know my skin is in good hands. 

Eucerin Even Brighter Night Cream
I have been using the Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream which I love.  I was going to re-purchase but, at the Dischem's big sale last month, I decided to give the Eucerin one a try.  It was on sale for R170 - what a bargain.  It claims to do the same thing that Clarins Bright Plus does.  Let me tell you, I do not regret buying this product.  It is supposed to be Dermatological Skincare, which is plus for me.  Things that don't clog my pores (which I am prone to) are welcome in my stash.  This is very comfortable on my skin.  It has picked up where my Clarins cream has left off.  My face and neck are practically the same tone now, so foundation does not look funky on me. Acne scars go away even faster.  My complexion is brighter.  I am hoping with continue use that my pigmentation marks lighten up considerably as well.  

Clarins Bright Plus Serum (Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum)
Because I had already replaced my Clarins Bright Plus night cream with the Eucerin Even Brighter night cream, a purchased the Clarins Bright Plus Serum instead.  Although I gave my Clarins anti-ageing range a break, this serum also provides for that as well.  It is supposed firm facial features and smooth away fine lines.  Not forgetting its main function to minimize the appearance of dark spots  and prevent their re-appearance.  Kkin is supposed to glow with youthful radiance.  I am all about that.  This has definitely been the boost I need to use under the night creams.  My marks are going away even faster than I had hoped.  I love that it is non greasy.  I am currently using this at night only for now.

Thanks for reading

March 2015 Favourites : Makeup


These are the products I gravitated towards and loved using in March 2015.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus
The packaging has changed form the old see-through compact.  The powder makes any foundation look better when set with this powder.  It is also perfect for setting concealer under the eyes.  It does not give you that flat matte look.  It actually looks better when it is worn throughout the day.

Clarins Intant smooth Perfecting Touch
This primer is really nice.  It does not clog pores and it smooths out any lines so that foundation does not settle into any lines.  This worn under foundation and foundation set with Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is a winning combo.  This primer does not have that slippery siliconey feel to it.
So it does keep you oil free for longer.   

Elf Studio Contour Powder 
This time I am not raving about the blush.  I previously said that the contour powder was too dark.  I WAS WRONG.  I was obviously using the wrong brushes and the wrong technique.  This contour powder looks perfect when blended out.  This creates the perfect shadow.  Unlike bronzers that have an orangey tinge to them.  I am glad that I tried this powder again to contour.  Now I love it.

LA Girl Gel Liner in Dark Brown
I am sure I have raved about LA Girl Gel Liners when I started using them a while ago.  I wear black eye liner a lot.  But this summer I gravitated to the brown eye liner.  It goes so well with all my summer eyeshadow looks and is also more appropriate for work.  The quality of LA Girl gel Liners are better than any other gel Liners I have tried,  Not to mention the affordable price of these liners.

Revlon Grow Luscious Waterproof Mascara
I loved this mascara when I tried it years ago when it first launched.  I didn't think that the Revlon mascaras that came out after this where any better.  This went on sale at Dischem for half price and I picked one up.  This gives incredible length and Volume.  It can be a little clumpy if you don't watch out.  But it gives me the "big flash lash look" that I like.


Bourjois Sweet Kiss Natural Lipstick in 06 Rose Tendre
This lipstick coupled with my "Dusty" lipliner from Signature Cosmetics and a clear gloss over, has been my go to lipstick for the month of March 2015.  It is the perfect finish to my summery eye shadow looks with brown eye liner.  It looks polished but not overdone. 

These where my makeup favourites.  I am going to try and upload my March 2015 Skincare favourites.

Thank you for reading.

2015 Birthday Haul

Hi there

I celebrated my birthday on 19th March, and i thought I would show you the lovely gifts my friends gave me.

My friends know that purple is my favourite colour.  The gift below is a gorgeous purple scarf, a silver diamant'e bracelet, and a gift set with purple and silver jewellery (a ring, earnings and a chain).

The gift below is a pair of pumps and a pair of earnings.  These pumps are not only animal print, but are also see-through when you put them on.  I desperately needed a new pair of pumps.  These looks so good on the feet, especially if the toenails are painted.  I love them.
The earnings are soo me.  I love long chunky earnings.

The next gift was 3 pairs of earnings and a box of Milk Tray.  Although I love big chunky earnings, I also like to have elegant earnings for special functions.  Up close these earnings are so gorgeous.  I should have taken a bigger pictures to show how lovely they are.

I also received a "Positively Pink Oh So Heavenly" gift set and a pair of earnings in a pretty blue gift tin.  The gift set contains:
-  In The Pink Indulgent Body Wash
-  Pretty In Pink Softening Body Lotion
-  Fragranced Soap Bar
-  Pink Luxury Loofah  

The gift below is a Lavender Gift Set.  The round gift contains  Bath Soak Crystals.  The other box contains a Body Lotion, a Body Wash, and Bath Salts.  I look forward to using these.  I really do need to relax.

The gift below is a dessert decorator form Boardmans.  I am always making muffins and cupcakes.  I needed a new one.  This one is easy to use and has a few different nozzles depending on what icing decoration you want to do.

I also received gift that I ate already (lol).
When I walked into work the morning of my birthday, a friend of mine was waiting for me with a huge muffin and an iced- coffee for breakfast. I LOVE ICED COFFEE.

I also received a slab of ROLO chocolate and a slab of Aero Chocolate - Yum


I also have to mention that another friend of mine knows how much I love watching series, so she filled my memory stick with series (comedies and drama).  That's how my chocolates got finished - watching series and eating chocolates.

I am soo happy with all my gifts.  I couldn't ask for better friends.  I pray that God richly bless them.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 3 April 2015

Real Techniques Brushes Now Available in Foschini

Hi Y'all

I know it's been a hot minute since I have posted,  It's that time of the year again - financial year end.
It's like a dirty word.  Lots of extra work to do and preparation for auditors blah, blah, blah.

Anyhoo, this week I decided that I needed a lunch break so I drove to Gateway Shopping Mall.  My first stop was Foschini as I was out of my favourite Moroccan Argan Oil.  Before going to the till, I thought I would browse around the store.  I reached the makeup brush section and I nearly fainted.
Low and behold, what did I see - REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHES by Samantha Chapman.

After a few deep breathes, I had to ask "how long"?  The sales assistant told me that they arrived two weeks ago.  If your a true makeup lover like me, you have definitely heard about Real Techniques brushes. Its hard to find quality brushes without paying an arm and a leg.  Foschini have always had another brand of brushes called the Studio Basics line, which are really nice.  I have a few of these.  I have also fallen in love with my Cala brushes I have been purchasing over the last couple of months from Dischem.  But these Real Techniques babies have changed my life.

From what I have seen, not all the Real techniques brushes are sold in Foschini - unless there where some sold out by the time I got there.  Here is what they had:

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Stippling Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush 1407
Blush Brush
Retractable Kabuki Brush  

Image result for real techniques expert face brush boots
Expert Face Brush

Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Powder Brush 1401
Powder Brush

Shading Brush

Setting Brush
The two brushes that I purchased were the Expert Face Brush and the Setting Brush.
How have I lived without these brushes so far? 

 I have barely used a brush to apply foundation in the last year, and on the off chance that I do, I always thought that my buffing brush was the bomb as it was the most dence brush I owned.  It buffs foundation in flawlessly without leaving streaks.  Most days I use the beauty blender dupe.  I have been using the Expert Face Brush everyday since I got it.  All I can say is "WOW"  This brush uses less foundation.  It does not soak the foundation into the brush.  It gives a flawless finish, with no streaks, just flawless buffed in goodness!  I have had to pump out less foundation when I use this brush.  I think this brush would also be great for any cream or liquid products including blush.  This brush retails for R159.95.

The Setting Brush is another gem.  I have been using it to set my under eye concealer.  It sets under the eyes without packing on too much product.  Its soo soft.  It would be great to get another one of these brushes as I think it would be great for applying highlighter on the high points of the face.  Since it is so soft and the brush point is so precise, I think it would be excellent for applying and blending out contour powder.  This brush retails for R99.95.

I am not sure if these brushes have been rolled out in every Foschini store.  

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

January 2015 Favourites - Makeup / Beauty

Hi There

In a previous post I showed my current skincare favourites.  In this post I will concentrate on makeup items.

Catrice Defining Blush 080 Sunrose Avenue

I am a very big fan of Catrice as a brand. I think their products are well-made, finely milled, and extremely affordable. This is my second blush from Catrice.

Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue  is a lovely muted, glowy rosy shade.  The finish is much like the pink glow you get in your face after you've been out and about on a nippy, chilly day. This makes it a highly versatile, multi-occasion blush that works for the office and also for nights out. Because it’s so pigmented, however, you need to be light-handed with application, especially if you’re fairer skinned. The upside is I think this shade would work well with a whole variety of skin tones, including darker or olive tones.

The Catrice website describes their blushes as follows:
"The ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face. Top marks for a perfect finish"

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation NC25

I love using this foundation as a concealer on my dark eye circles.  It is gel-based and has a medium to full coverage perfect for dry skin.  My under eyes are really dry and need the coverage.  I find a lot of concealers dry out my under eyes.  I apply eye cream, under eye primer, then a layer of this foundation.  Days when I need extra coverage, I may apply a little LA Girl concealer over this and I think the gel in the foundation really makes a difference.  On cooler days I do reach for this foundation to wear all over my face as well.  

Mac Blanc Type Eyeshadow

I have done a previous post on this eyeshadow and although I have a dupe for this shadow, I reach for this every time I do my makeup instead of the dupe.  It is currently my holy grail browbone shade.  The quality is excellent and the finish is awesome.  Point Blank Period.

Essence Kajal Pencil in 01 Black

I have always liked Essence kajal pencils and lipliners.  There are such good quality and the you cant beat the price.  There is no need to spend money on high end brands when these gems are around. I use this kajal pencil to tightline (line my upper waterline). 

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color, Just Peachy 903C-

Wet n Wild Just Peachy lipstick is said to be a dupe for Mac's Kinda Sexy lipstick.  I think Just Peachy is the perfect summer shade.  Its not too bright or too nude.  It pairs well with a smokey eye.  I love wearing it with a green eye shadow look.  This lipstick looks even better when worn with Milani Luminoso Blush.  These two were made to be worn together.  They compliment each other.

Essence XXXL Nudes Lipgloss - 05 Forever Rose

I don't know why this lipgloss is called Forever Rose as there is nothing Rose about it.  It is a peachy shade and pairs nicely on top of Wet n Wild Just Peachy lipstick.  This is the perfect summer combo shade along with Milano Luminoso blush.   I have always liked Essence glosses.  They are super affordable and very good quality.

Justine Make-up Fixer Mist

This was on sale in the Justine catalogue so I wanted to give it a try since my Rose Water Facial spray was finished.  Setting my makeup with powder is a must, but I don't like the dry powdery look.  This kinda melts the powder into my skin with the rest of my makeup and sets it so that it looks more natural and not powdery.  It also has a pleasant smell and does not break me out.  I like to use this if I am going to wear a long wearing dry foundation like my Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

My last favourite is not in the picture above.  It is Signature Cosmetics Nail Polish in Deliciously Dark.  I have been wearing this shade on my toenails since last December.  I had a manicure in December and had this shade on my finger nails and fell in love with it.  I found this shade at a Signature Store.  I believe Rimmel has a shade like this in their line called  Rimmel 60 Seconds Deliciously Dark.


Thanks for reading