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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Shop My Stash

I should make shopping my stash a tradition. If your not familiar with the whole "shop my stash" thing.... its basically a way to look through your collection periodically and use some products that have been neglected.   So I can put them together in a basket so I remember to work them into my daily routine.  If I keep rotating products from my stash every now and then, it should keep me from falling into a makeup rut by using the same things over and over.  Plus it feels like I have new stuff without spending any money! 

BeChic Eye Define Retractable Eyeliner Pencil in CEL02 Black Brown - Creamy & pigmented & no need to sharpen

Elizabeth Arden Ceremide Ultra Lipstick in Sugar - From the Holiday Collection

Bourjoir Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer. Radiance and Anti-fatigue - going to use it under my eyes.

Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Shade 1 Magical - It has not been used yet.  The wrapping is still on the tube.
The 6 eyeshadow and blush "Day Palette" from my Elizabeth Arden Day To Night Holiday Colour Collection.
Shades Caf'e Au Lait - Highlighter,  Lilac, Warm Pink, Brown, Plum-smoke, Smokey Brown.  Cheek colour in Sunblush.

Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact in 03 Sand Beige - A cream foundation.  I Like this foundation for winter.  I can only wear the shade Sand Beige in winter when I am lighter.

Givenchy Prism Shaping Powder Makeup (used as a setting powder on my T-zone)

Avroy Shlain Colour Look Bronzer & Highlighter Duo in the shade Angelika - I love the highlighter in this duo.  It is a golden highlighter that just looks pretty on the cheekbones.

All the colours I pulled out are daytime / work appropriate shades.  I remember how I liked these products when I first bought them.  My hydrating under-eye concealer is finished and has also been discontinued, so I am hoping that the Bourjoir one will be a good replacement since the tube is still full.  But if I like it, then I have another problem, since Bourjoir has been discontinued from Edgars stores - Just My Luck!

So those are my "shop my stash" picks to start July with.  They might or might not show up in a favourites post.

Let me know if you rotate things in your collection and what method you use.

Thank for reading

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Favourite Revlon Lipsticks

Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick Mad About Mauve #490

I have been wearing this lipstick so much since winter started.  It is a creamy mauvey, raspberry-ish colour, and have received compliments while wearing this lipstick. I have seen both light and darker skin toned ladies wearing this shade and it is universally flattering on everyone.  Unfortunately, I believe its been discontinued.
I purchased mine in December or January at the Edgars sale for R29. .

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Carnation #025

I wore this colour alot before winter when the weather was warmer.  It looks very pretty on the lips and adda the right amount of colour. to the face for a natural every day look!  This lipstick was also purchased at the Edgars sale.

These are just two of my favourites.  Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a post showing all my Revlon lipsticks.
The other Revlon shades I would like to try are 030 Fuschia and 457 Wild Orchard.

Depotting & my DIY palettes

It seems every time there is a sale, I pick up single eyeshadows.  These take up space and when I do my makeup in the mornings, I tend to ignore them and not reach for them.  This is because I would have to go through the stash and open each one to find the colour combinations I need.  For this reason I tend to reach for my palettes more.  I hate hitting pan on shadows in my palettes when there are singles not being used.

I decided to depot.  The had quiet a few Essence eyeshadows and noticed that these had larger pans than the normal round shadows.  I had an old palette that I cleaned out, and kept for my Essence shadows to have a new home.

I am proud of how this palette turned out. There is mainly Essence shadows in this palette, a few Sleek Style shadows and the smaller shadows are Woolworths, amd Michelle-Ori.

I watched lots of depoting videos and blogposts on depotting.  Some people used the stove, others used flat irons.  I decided to use a candle.  I also used CD cases (instead of DVD cases) for  DIY palettes for other shadows, simply because CD cases are easier.  The insert that holds the CD comes off very easily.

Empty CD cases
CD cases covered in self-adhesive contact paper 

The CD cases did not carry as many shadows as I would have liked although it did help with space saving.  I decided on another DIY palette, and the overflow would go into the CD cases, as well as any future sinlges or quads etc.

An A5 Document case 

 I purchased the document case from the Plastic Shop.  It was about R20.  It also comes in A4 as well.

I wanted to put as much shadows in one palette as possible so I do not have to open a few palettes each morning.  Although I guess if I separate the round pans from the square pans, it may look a little neater.  I may move the round ones into the CD cases at a later stage, but for now I am happy with this palette.

Items I used for depotting:
A candle
Pliers from my mini toolbox
Magnetic Tape
Paper plates

Pliers and a paper plate

Magnetic tape from Waltons



Empty cases 

All that packaging ready to be thrown away

I basically opened each shadow and held it over the flame until the glue melted and used the pliers to push the shadow pan out from underneath.  I couldn't believe how quick and easy the pan popped out.
I then layed the pans it on a paper plate for a few minutes to make sure it was cool before I transfered them into the palettes.  I used adhesive glue on the black palette as I knew I was not going to move those shadows around.  On the document case palette, I used magnetic tape, so I could move these around when I needed to.

The only thing I didn't do out of laziness was that I did not save the labels on the underneath of each shadow which shows the name of the shadow. I looked everywhere for magnetic sheets to lay on the palette first before I used magnetic tape on the pans, but I could not find any magnetic sheets anywhere.

Now I use my DIY palettes everyday,   I have loads more space, which is a plus for me.  Now I don't have lots of singles rolling around the draw.

Thanks for reading

Oil Cleanser - Coconut Oil

Hi there

I have read lots of comments on makeupalley about girls saying that they use Coconut Oil for their face as a makeup remover and / or moisturiser, in their hair, to cook with etc. Some say that they are obsessed with it.  But I always see them writing about extra virgin coconut oil or organic coconut oil.

About three weeks ago I was standing in line at Gorimas waiting to pay for my goodies and I always check out the stuff on the shelves behind the tellers while I am waiting  (haircare, facial stuff etc).  On the top shelf was all the different types of oils in different sizes.  I asked for the  300ml bottle of Pure Coconut Oil which cost R20.  This was the best R20 I spent and the bottle was huge.

That evening I decanted some of the oil into a clean, empty, hair mask container / tub.  Coconut oil solidifies when it is cool and gets liquidy when it comes into contact with warmth.  I love the fact that it solidifies so I can scoop it out with a spatula (or clean fingers) and there is no oil dripping everywhere which means I don't need cotton-wool to apply it.  Once it touches the warmth of my face it melts. I LOVE THIS STUFF.

I love cleansing milk but this is way better. It even removes waterproof eye-makeup better than my DIY eyemakeup remover I wrote about.  It just melts the makeup off my face and eyes and it does not leave an oily sticky feeling.  I remove it by wiping it off my face, either with facial tissues or a cleansing wipe. I then follow with my normal cleansing routine.

This oil has definitely helped with my dry winter skin.  I did not look up the difference between the pure, extra virgin or organic coconut oil, but I will tell you that I have sensitive clog prone skin, especially when it comes to oils on my skin, and  my skin loves this stuff, no breakouts at all.

I love finding great affordable products that actually work.  Oil cleansers are expensive but you can't beat R20 for 300ml.


My swap products I received

Hi There

A few months ago I posted about my first out of city swap with a sweet lady that contacted me, who wanted more information about a post on my blog.  We have since become good friends and chat everyday.  We did a swap as we realized that even though we both live in South Africa, her city has things that mine does not have and vice versa.  She does international swaps with You tube Beauty Gurus and bloggers all the time so she gets stuff that we cant get here in South Africa.   We are currently working on a collaborative swap with her friends overseas and I cant wait.  I will definitely post about stuff that I received.

So in this swap, which was just between us, I needed some things mainly for a friend of mine.  We are in love with Sleek Makeup, but unfortunately Foschini has discontinued it from our stores in Durban.

Items packed in the box

Two Sleek Au Naturel Palettes (old & new packaging)
Sleek Blush in Suede

Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Mattifier
Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder

Evian Facial sprays

Hey Gorgeous Oil Cleanser for all skin types
Rose Water Toner

So I was super excited to receive these for my bff and myself.


Current hair care favourites

Hi there

About two months back I cut my hair really short.  Not because I wanted to, but because I thought it was  the only way to save my hair.  My hair was breaking so badly and looked dry like grass.  It also refused to grow, it was getting shorter and shorter from breaking.  This started happening when I went to a hairdresser at the end last year and wanted my hair coloured.  She convinced me to strip my hair (TWICE).  Worst thing I ever did!  My hair went from bad to worse after that. So I wanted to cut off all the dead hair and then treat my hair often because the stripping caused my hair to be very porous.

So this is how I cut my hair....

I then started trying lots of new hair products, which was frustrating in the beginning.  But I have now found stuff that is working for me.  My hair is growing so fast, to the extent that I have cut my hair three times in the last two months, and it needs another trim.  I was worried that this style would not suite me, but it does, and I get compliments all the time.  I also went even shorter after my second cut / trim since it grows so fast.
Now I do not want it to grow out, I think I will keep it short for a while.

Kept it a little longer on the sides than this to be more feminine

So since my hair is growing like wildfire, I thought I would share the products I am using at the moment.

 Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil

This is what I started using. I like this line, but the star of the show is definitely the Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask.  I LOVE THIS MASK.  I ordered more but can't get it because Avon is somehow not delivering to my Avon lady anymore (a strike apparently).  I used to also mix it with a teaspoon full of the Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment, just to make sure I finish it (was I the only one that didn't think this was a miracle product?)

Mark Anthony Oil.of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment - infused with Keratin

In December 2011, I bought the first and popular Moroccan Oil that cost about R350.  That bottle lasted about a year and my hair was healthy and really grew nicely.  After it finished, I noticed the difference in my hair.  Not wanting to outlay that amount of cash again, I decided to try this one.  Well, let me tell you, its the exact same thing and it costs R99.  I attribute my recent hair growth to this.  I am impressed and will continue to purchase it.  After I have washed and towel-dried my hair, I apply this before anything else.

On the left: The Protector FX Blow Out Moisture Lock Blow Dry Cream:
I was actually in Clicks looking for something else and came across this.  It was the last one on the shelf, so I figured I would give it a try.  I also remembered seeing it on the Internet once.
I apply directly after the Moroccan Argan oil on my damp hair.  It really makes a difference to the texture of my hair when it is dry.  It says "Heat Memory Thermal Protection & Defrizzant"
I agree with this, especially the defrizzant part.  It does make my hair smoother.  I notice the difference when I do not use it.  I cannot remember the price though, but its not very expensive.  After I apply the Moroccan oil and this cream, I then dry my hair.

On the right:  Lennon Bergamot Essence
My mom's hairdresser told her about buying Bergamot Essence and putting half of it in her shampoo bottle and the other half in her conditioner.  So that is what I did.  other people put it in their placenta hair treatment, which is what my mom did.  I looked up on the internet and it was true.  My hair is growing and is healthier.  It does have a medicine type of smell, but it goes away after you apply your aftercare products.

Dr. Miracles "Feel it" Formula" Conditioning Shampoo
This shampoo is meant to cleanse and condition. It is blended with Jojoba oils for strong, shiny and healthy hair.   I wanted something that cleans but does not strip my hair that is already very dry.  When my hair has lots of wax or oils on it, I sometimes shampoo with the Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo first to remove most of the residue then I will follow with this shampoo.  I have always applied two shampoos to my hair.

 Dark n Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol Conditioning Mask.  

The last cholesterol treatment I used was the Avon one which I liked.  Since I cannot get that one anymore I decided to try the Dark & Lovely one.  I have always had dry hair, so this is perfect for me.  "Intensely nourishes - for very dry hair"  l don't find conditioners moisturising or nourishing enough so I use a mask or treatment instead.  It also has a nice smell.

L'oreal Hair Mix Glam Definition

I bought this about a year ago from a hairdresser and used it once and decided it wasn't for me.  After cutting my hair, I pulled it out, and let me say how great it works for me now.  " Defining balm for dry hair. Hold level - 3"  Its not too sticky or oily, which means that I can go to work on day two and apply more instead of washing my hair again"   I take a little out the tub and rub / warm it between my hands and apply this to my hair.  It gives me the shape I want.  So I can spike it up, or lay it flat or whatever I feel like doing with it on that day.  The problem is, that it is almost finished, and I know it wont be cheap.  So I have purchased a wax from Clicks to use on off days so I can make this one last longer (Perfect Touch Shine & Hold Wax - shape & definition)

Livon - Silky Protein Detangling Hair Fluid

This last item I haven't used since I cut my hair, but I use it on my daughters long hair, so I have to mention it, as it works so nicely on her hair.  I have not ironed my hair in a while.  I part her hair into sections before I flat iron her hair.  After each section has been ironed, I smooth this over the section before proceeding to iron the next section.  It makes such a difference in her hair.  I especially concentrate on the ends of the hair that frizzes, and it tames it and keeps it smooth for days.  This was purchased form Gorimas.  It is normally near the cashiers desk.  I think it was about R50 or less.  "Instantly softens and smooths dry, rough, tangled, frizzy, unmanageable hair"  I agree with this claim.

So my hair has been getting less heat and more treatment and is much healthier.  I thought is would take longer to get to this stage but the recovery was quite quick.

I am sorry for the long post, but I had to share these products.  Please leave me a comment below if there is any thing you love that helps nourish your hair.