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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Homemade Witch Hazel Makeup Remover

Creating homemade witch hazel makeup remover is easy if you have the right ingredients. While witch hazel can be used on its own for some home remedies, to create the makeup remover, witch hazel needs to be mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To create this makeup remover, witch hazel is mixed in equal parts with the oil.. The mixture should be shaken before each use and applied with cotton balls to remove makeup.

The benefits of using witch hazel as a makeup remover are due to witch hazel's astringent properties and oil's moisturizing qualities. Because it lacks irritating chemicals, homemade witch hazel makeup remover works well on sensitive skin. In addition, this homemade remedy acts as an astringent, cleansing not only makeup, but also reducing buildup in pores. Oil, especially olive, moisturizes and softens the skin while it helps remove makeup.

How I use this homemade cleansing oil:-
Squirt out onto a cotton ball/round and apply to face.
Using upward and outward motion this will start to melt the makeup and gunk right off your face!
You will most likely go through several cotton balls but it's worth it.  I sometimes use a facial tissue to wipe off the oil once I have applied it with the cotton ball.
**Yes, it's safe to use on eye makeup.

I then use a normal makeup up cleansing wipe to remove any residue.

Next I use my normal cleanser , toner and moisturizer eye cream etc.

Other uses:-
Since I wear long wear foundation, it tends to stain my brushes.  So this mixture comes in handy.  I soak my foundation brushes in this mixture for a few seconds.  it melts the embedded foundation off the bristles.  I squeeze out the extra oil then apply some shampoo to the bristles.  Its amazing that even when you think the brush is clean, more foundation comes off it.  I then give the brush a final wash / rinse with my homemade brush cleanser / disinfectant.  I have have a blogpost on this brush cleanser.  Viola! Squeaky clean brushes!

Thank you for reading

Simple - Skincare brand now available in South Africa

I have heard of this brand from overseas bloggers and youtubers.  I have also read reviews on makeupalley. Which previously meant nothing to me as I was not able to try out this brand as it was not previously available in South Africa.  I am always on the look out for products that are paraben free and claim to be made for sensitive skin like mine.  I may try some of these products when I am out of my current skincare.
These products are currently available at Dischem stores.  They are also very reasonably priced.

Cleansing Facial Wipes
Purifying Cleansing Lotion
Moisturising Foaming Facial Wash
Soothing Facial Toner
Smoothing Facial Scrub
Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover
Hydrating Light Moisturiser
Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

Claim on website:
Kind to skin
When your skin's happy and glowing, you feel healthier and happier too! Our Kind to Skin range contains the perfect blend of active ingredients and multivitamins to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

Which products have you tried from the simple brand?

Catrice Big City Life Collection - Limited Edition

The Catrice Big City Life limited edition palettes an polishes have been available over a month now.  They are simply gorgeous.

Sydney, Berlin, London, New York – each metropolis stands out for its own personal charm and style. Trends are born on the streets of these fabulous cities! This passion for life has been interpreted four times – and captured in the most breathtaking make-up palettes of the season: the Limited Edition “Big City Life” by CATRICE gives every city its own look

Each “Big City Life” make-up palette contains six powder eye shadows, two rouge shades as well as a professional duo-applicator to ensure simple and accurate application of eye make-up. The stylish must-have box is rounded off with a mini eye pencil to give your city look the perfect finish. Cost R84.95

The Ultimate Nail Lacquer, which is available separately, offers great coverage, durability and irresistible shine as well as eye-catching color – the pulse of each city. And thanks to the extra-broad brush, smooth application without streaks is even possible during a taxi ride to exciting places! Cost R34.95


Life in Sydney mainly takes place on the beach – and the beach parties are endless! A high-spirited mix of surfers, city beaus, tradition, culture and modern life.

Its essence: the warm colors of the sun setting on the horizon for a touch of casual urban chic: The six eye shadows in rosé, nude, taupe and brown shades with shimmering as well as matt effects meet upon two natural rouge versions in rosewood. Create an added eye-catching effect with the Ultimate Nail Lacquer “Sydney”: it covers your nails in trendy taupe and makes it perfectly clear that Sydney is at the top of the global trend barometer!


Berlin is booming! Fascinating, contrasting, raw and extraordinarily cool – the capital with a unique history creates its own trends, dances by its own rhythm and is proud of what it is. So are we!

Just as unconventional and fascinating: the six eyeshadow colors come in warm sand, brown, grey-blue and taupe shades - some with shimmering, others with matt effects – for a perfect autumn trend look! The muted pink color of the matching Ultimate Nail Lacquer "Berlin" conveys a sense of cool understatement.


London is calling – and of course we are ready to answer! This city is a true fashion icon – its tradition, its trends, its looks, its pulse...London is such an irresistible hotspot that it captivates you instantly!

For your eye-make up, the London Collection goes for blue eyes in stark contrast to bright yellow and deep-black kajal. Absolutely lovely! Two rouge shades in rosé ensure a radiant, fresh complexion. Yellow Press? Yellow polish! The soft yellow of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer “London” is an absolute must-have for your nails!


New York, New York! This city never sleeps, so why should we? Urban life in the Big Apple between skyscrapers, VIPs and neon signs is way too tempting for that! If there is a place where dreams are sure to come true, it’s here!

The combination of six eyeshadows in blue, smokey turquoise and mauve is also a dream and totally captures the essence of New York’s energy-laden atmosphere! The two lively rouge shades give your New York look a fresh touch. Intense, impulsive and totally hip. With the new pigeon-blue Ultimate Nail Lacquer “New York”, the horizon of this urban jungle seems close enough to touch…

These pretties are available at Dischem stores.

Essence Circus Circus Collection

I know this collection has been out for a while and that I am a bit late posting this, but it is still available in stores.  Here is what is available in the Essence Circus Circus Trend collection:

Stay all day eyeshadow - R39.95,
Liquid eyeliner - R29.95,
Lip lacquer - R24.95,
Lip topper - R29.95,
Highlighter powder - R39.95,
Colour nail polish - R39.95,
Nail fashion stickers - 29.95,
Eau de toilette - R79.95.

Swatches of the cream eyeshadows: 
The in store display:

Magnetic Nail Polish

So I was browsing the cosmetic section in Foschini stores at the beginning on the month and I came across Magnetic nail polish.  Then I spotted it in Dischem stores as this week as well.

1. Apply a layer of base coat
2. Apply the magnetic nail polish (2 layers). Apply the second layer on one nail at a time.
3. Hold the magnet above the polish before the polish dries.  Hold the magnet close for about 5 - 7 seconds.
4. Apply one two two layers of topcoat.

My weightloss story - Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program

Over a year and a half ago, I decided that I needed a drastic change as I was overweight for my height and was getting heartburn and severe back ache every day.

I was told about the Jumpstart 7 Day Weight Loss Program and did some research on it.  Firstly I understood that it was a "Detox" and a "Jumpstart" only.  I needed something to get me started and prepare me for a weight-loss program.  I lost 16 kilograms in total during and after the jump start program.

With this Detox / diet, you have to prepare yourself mentally.  If you are not serious about it and going to cheat then don't waste your time or money.  Even after the seven day detox, the weight just fell off because I stuck to a proper eating plan.  Some people who cant stand fruit and veggies or funny tasting things will not like this diet at all.

 The Jump start 7 Day Weight Loss Program is a seven-day juicing fast whereby you consume nothing more than fruit- and vegetable-based juices. A shopping list is provided of exactly what fruit and veggies you need for the week.  It is suggested that a week before doing a detox, that you get your body ready by eating the fruits and veggies instead of shocking your body with no solid food and just starting on a juice diet / fast.

I bought the complete pack which contains:
* Jump Start 7 day weight-loss program book
* Jump Start Juicing machine
* Jump Start juice Kid's Korner (recipe book)
* A book with other recipes (smoothies etc)

There is a detailed meal program in the book which shows receipes that need to be followed (Breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner)  It gives an explanation of what each fruit / vegetable does for your body individually and also when you combined certain fruit and veggies together, what they do for your body collectively.  It explains why those fruit and veggies are paired together and which toxins are released.

Exercise recommendations

While doing the Jumpstart program, it is recommended that you get as much rest as possible. Many people will feel bursts of energy while on the program, but it is still recommended that you reserve your energy to aid in your body’s detoxification process.
If you do exercise while on the program, it is recommended that you do stretching exercises, yoga, deep breathing, walking, light jogging or rebounding on a small trampoline.
Intense physical activity should be avoided.

It is recommended that you take a photo of yourself before you start the detox and also after.
A chart is provided in the book which you can to fill out your measurements as the week unfolds (weight, waist, thigh, breast measurements etc)  You can lose up to 7 kilograms in the week doing this detox.  I lost 3 kilos in this week as I didn't realize that I was about to menstruate.  I was happy with 3 kilos as some people cant lose 2 kilos in a whole month, so 3 kilos in one week was an achievement for me.  I also lost 6 cm on my waist and 3 centimeters on my hips.

In the beginning the juices where sweet and taste nice.  But you still get hungry.  So I read the book carefully which stated that you should use a spoon and "eat" the juice as if you are having soup.  Just drinking it from a glass is only quenching your thirst but not doing anything four your hunger.  When you use a spoon, it kind of sends a signal to your stomach that food is on its way.  You take longer to finish the juice and you  seem to be fuller afterwards.  It sounds absurd but it really works.

My the middle of the week I had no hunger issues and found that the juices filled me up until it was time for the next juice.  Also the juices where not not as sweet anymore but still manageable.
By the end of the week, I was finding it very difficult to finish the juices.  It was like the recommended amount / quantity was too much.  But in fact, it was my tummy that had shrunk.  Also the juices started to taste not so nice as things like basil was being added.  Also , raw cabbage was not so nice.  But I had to just consume it, because I was seeing the results and had come so far already.

So what happens after the seven day detox?
So the week after the detox you are still advised not to eat solid food.  As you can imagine, it will be another shock to your system and you will pick up the weight you just lost if you try to eat solid food straight away.
On the first day afterward, you have to now continue with the fruit and veggies but eat them raw instead of juicing them.  You must continue to have some juices as snacks during the day
On the second day you may introduce soups and still continue to eat fruit and drink juices like the first day.
On the third day you may have your soup with a fresh salad while continuing drinking the juices and eating fruits.
On the fourth day, while eating the fruits and drinking the juices, you may introduce some free range chicken or some fish.
Thereafter the book gives you tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while incorporating juices into your daily life.

So in the three months following this detox, I followed a balanced diet and lost an insane amount of weight to bring my total weight loss to 16 kilos.  The weight just fell off.  If I did not have a jump start I would not have been able to stick to a diet and the weight would have been harder to lose.  I guess once the toxins where released, it must have been easier to shed the weight.

It is recommended that you do this detox once a year to flush out toxins from the body.  After a year and a half it is definitely time to detox again even though I have managed to keep the weight off.  Winter was tough and I ate things that I should have not eaten.  In my defence, the cold weather does make a person eat more junk! lol  Also this detox clears up any skin problems as well, so since I have been eating poorly lately my skin is not looking its best.  So I would say that I am overdue for my next detox.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share my experience.
Thanks for reading.

Yardley Designer Brow set

I stumbled across this Yardley Designer Brow set while shopping in Dischem.  This is comparable to the NYX brow set sold in Clicks which I was admiring last month.
Get beautiful designer brows with Yardley's designer brow kit.  All the tools are provided to create and shape your brows.  The kit includes:
* Shadow powder
* Eyebrow brush
* Mini tweezers
* Browshape stencils
* Eyebrow gel
* Step by step guide to create beautiful brows

I am sure you can get this at any department store wherever Yardley cosmetics are sold. has it marked down from R159 to R139.

I am currently using my Essence eyebrow set which is not as fancy as this and does not contain the brow gel or tweezers.  But Essence is so inexpensive so I cant complain.  I am planning to do a blogpost on how I  shape and maintain my eyebrows using the Essence brow set.

Let me know in the comments below what you like to use on your brows to shape and set them daily.  I am always up to try new products.

Thanks for reading

My favourite healthy breakfast

Hi all
Just over 1 and a half year ago I lost 16 kilograms.  I will do a.separate blogpost detailing how I lost the weight.  Today I want to concentrate on the most important meal of the day which is breakfast.  Here is a picture of my favorite healthy breakfast:

* Muesli / baked granola
* Right Start Fibre Plus / All Bran High Fibre
* Sesame seeds
* Pumpkin seeds
* Sunflower seeds
* Goji berries / antioxidant mix (cranberries, raisins & goji berries)
* Digestive bran
* NutriBev soy drink

Yes, it is a lot of stuff to add to a bowl every morning but its so worth it, and so tasty in my opinion.

Dischem sells "Miracle Goji Granola" already mixed in one convenient bag and is tasty but I stopped buying it as it contains Linseed / Flaxseed which flares up my hormonal acne ,which I have under control and would like to keep it that way.  Other people eat flaxseed all the time and have no problem with it. 

Almost all these ingredients can be found in Gorimas spice shop and at Dischem stores and I am sure at most health stores.
Muesli is R14.99 at Gorimas.  Right start fibre plus is cheaper than All Bran high fibre.  I use either one.
I love the crunchiness of the pumpkin & sunflower seeds.  Sesame seeds are so yummy so I always add extra of these. 
Goji berries are known as the "miracle fruit" and is very good for my health. Yes goji berries are a bit more expensive but its so worth it.
I add about 2 to 3 spoonfuls of digestive bran.  This gives me the fibre I need and keeps me regular.  It cleans out my tummy no matter what junk I eat during the day, if I cheat or don't eat properly. 
I then add NutriBev soy drink which is my favorite soy milk.  I have tried other soy milk but this is the one I prefer.  You can substitute it for regular milk or yogurt.  I have (or tried to)  cut out milk & dairy, so I use soy milk.  
This combination keeps me fuller for longer and is tasty.

Earlier this month I found a mix of "roasted seeds" in Dischem which already had pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds already mixed and roasted.  So it cut out the number of individual packets of seeds / quantity I had to buy.  Dischem also sells an "anti-oxident mix" which contains goji berries, cranberries and raisins in one bag.  I love cranberries which adds sweetness to my breakfast. When this is not available I buy just the goji berries.

Please read on WHFoods about the nutritional information and health benefits of each of the seeds mentioned above.  Here is a link for sesame seeds:

Hope you enjoyed this post.  If you have any healthy food suggestions, please comment below and let me know as I am always looking out for new recipes and ideas to stay healthy.

Thank you for reading