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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Homemade Witch Hazel Makeup Remover

Creating homemade witch hazel makeup remover is easy if you have the right ingredients. While witch hazel can be used on its own for some home remedies, to create the makeup remover, witch hazel needs to be mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To create this makeup remover, witch hazel is mixed in equal parts with the oil.. The mixture should be shaken before each use and applied with cotton balls to remove makeup.

The benefits of using witch hazel as a makeup remover are due to witch hazel's astringent properties and oil's moisturizing qualities. Because it lacks irritating chemicals, homemade witch hazel makeup remover works well on sensitive skin. In addition, this homemade remedy acts as an astringent, cleansing not only makeup, but also reducing buildup in pores. Oil, especially olive, moisturizes and softens the skin while it helps remove makeup.

How I use this homemade cleansing oil:-
Squirt out onto a cotton ball/round and apply to face.
Using upward and outward motion this will start to melt the makeup and gunk right off your face!
You will most likely go through several cotton balls but it's worth it.  I sometimes use a facial tissue to wipe off the oil once I have applied it with the cotton ball.
**Yes, it's safe to use on eye makeup.

I then use a normal makeup up cleansing wipe to remove any residue.

Next I use my normal cleanser , toner and moisturizer eye cream etc.

Other uses:-
Since I wear long wear foundation, it tends to stain my brushes.  So this mixture comes in handy.  I soak my foundation brushes in this mixture for a few seconds.  it melts the embedded foundation off the bristles.  I squeeze out the extra oil then apply some shampoo to the bristles.  Its amazing that even when you think the brush is clean, more foundation comes off it.  I then give the brush a final wash / rinse with my homemade brush cleanser / disinfectant.  I have have a blogpost on this brush cleanser.  Viola! Squeaky clean brushes!

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