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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tips For Organizing Your Makeup

I spent the day organizing my makeup.  If you don't have a clear idea in your head how you want to organize your makeup when you start,then it can prove to be difficult . Without an organizational system in place my makeup collection  would be a messy disaster.
 Does this makeup mess look familiar? Lol!
I started with three Hello Kitty draws, which where okay at first, but as your stash grows, they will no longer be appropriate.  Now I keep lipgloss and lipstick in those Hello Kitty draws and a few other odds and sods.
I subscribed to Glambox from December last year to May this year and these have proved to be very useful  in storing my makeup.  Each box has the pink outer box and the black inner box which makes 12 boxes which I use for strorage.  They also stack nicely on top of each other very neatly. I also have two Ruby box subscrition boxes.
I keep like products together for eg. eye products in one box, blush in another and so on.

Now, not everyone has subscription boxes to store their makeup in, so here are some tops for organizing your makeup:
  • Take inventory. Before heading to the store to buy supplies, first assess what makeup you need to store and the space you’ll keep it in. This way you’ll know exactly what your storage needs are and what organization supplies you’ll need to buy. Toss anything you no longer use that can take up valuable space.
  • Keep your faves at arms reach. There’s no need to keep every product you own on your dressing table or bathroom sink. Organize and keep the products you use everyday nearby, others can be stored away.
  • Thing tall. Storage drawers are a good because they grow upward and take up less counter space. Stackable drawers are even better as they can grow with your makeup collection. Plastic drawers are easy to find are are super inexpensive, while acrylic drawers are great because they’re sleek and blend in with any decor.
  • Match like with like. Instead of throwing everything in one drawer, basket or cabinet, group your products together. Keep face products (foundation, concealer, powder) in one drawer, blushes/bronzers in another, and so on. This not only keeps things organized, but also saves time when getting dressed in the morning since you will know where everything is.
  • Hit the office supply store. Office supply stores are great resources for organizing makeup. Pencil cups and desk organizers are great for stroring makeup brushes, lip/eye pencils, q-tips and cotton balls. Also check out craft stores and discount stores (Everlasting & Osmans) for small baskets, mini glass vases and other storage accessories. Think outside the box and you’ll be surprised at what you find!
  • Don’t let drawers go rogue. Letting makeup loose in a drawer is a disaster waiting to happen! If your dressing table has built in drawers, fill them with small baskets and place your makeup in them. For shallow drawers use shallow, narrow baskets, and for deep or large drawers use larger baskets and layer them to utilize all available space. Be sure to measure your drawers before heading to the store so you’ll buy the right sizes.
I hope these tips helped.  I love seeing how people organize their beauty stash, so share your tips and tricks in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Time to purge

Most products have expiry dates on them and these dates should be followed.  For products that  do not have expiry dates, there are general rules to follow. 
Old and expired makeup and other products can cause breakouts and infections.

Here is what I purged today:

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliners must be thrown out every three months from the time they have been opened (not six months). This is to avoid eye infections or getting lash bugs
  •  Three-in-one products that smear germs from lips to eyes and back again must be thrown out timeously.
  •  Lip Gloss must be checked up on constantly.  Watch for colour change and smell.
  •   Old Liquid foundations tend to separate and smell bad, so ditch these along with liquid concealers. These last about a year.
  •  Lipsticks and lip balm can last up to a year but must be tossed if you used them while you were sick.
  •  Eyeshadows, blushes and other dry powder products should last two years.
  •  Every three years nail polishes must be tossed.  If they start to separate, they won’t do much for your nails when they are in this condition.
  •  Lip pencils should last about three years as well, but only because the germs are removed when it is sharpened.
  •  Old makeup sponges harbor bacteria.  Unless you disinfect them every few days, using them can lead to breakouts and contact dermatitis.
Purging can be hard to do especially when you think how much money you have spent, but getting ill from using old expired products is not an option.
I felt great after I purged and I have more space now.

Products purged:
7 mascaras
1 liquid eyeliner
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator
Four lip pencils
Two eyeshadow primers (1 homemade)
One face primer
One lip gloss
Two lipsticks
Lipstick Lock
Eyelash curlers
1 Liquid foundation
1 Cream foundation
Two powder foundations (empty containers)
Eye makeup remover
Self tan lotion spray
Placenta hair mist
Cell rejuvenating oil (similar to bio-oil)

In an upcoming post I want to talk about how to sanitize different makeup items while in use and which have not yet expired.  This is very important to do and will prevent bacteria and breakouts from happening.

Thank you for reading.

July 2012 Favourites

July has been a very busy month for me but I made a note of a few products I have been loving this month.

Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette

I had ordered this palette from Coastal scents a few months back.  I have had this gem packed away, so out of sight means out of mind.  I made a point to put in in my clear view so I have to use it and I put every other palette away.  It has awesome pigmentation.  I have received compliments this month when I used eyeshadows from this palette.  I think the colours are gorgeous in my opinion.

Palladio. "Fairy Dust" herbal & mineral enriched loose shadow
This loose eyeshadow is a very pretty iridescent powder.  I do not use it alone.  I apply it over the eyeshadow that I have placed on the eyelid.  I used it mainly over pink eyeshadow from the Coastal Scents palette mentioned above, and have received compliments.  It just makes the eyeshadow go from dull to fab! 

Essence - I love stage eyeshadow base
 My skin in pretty dry in winter including my eyelids.  My other primers, while it worked magic in summer, it was too drying in winter.  I watched a haul by fashionismycrush on You tube who said it was good.  Essence is generally inexpensive so I thought I would give it a dry.  It is great!  No more dry eyelids and my eyeshadow stays on all day. 

Like Silk Eye Makeup Remover  
I received this full sized bottle in a Glambox subscription a few months back and was actually too scared to try it.  I have sensitive skin and didn't  know how my skin / eyes would react to it.  I eventually ran out of my Estee Lauder eye makeup remover and pulled this out and tried it.  It is gentle on the eyes and removes all traces of eye makeup.  It is not expensive at all and will purchase once I am out of this one.  That might be a while because you need only a little at a time.

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation - NC25
My bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place foundation finished.  I wanted another full coverage foundation that was not so drying on my dehydrated winter skin.  I am generally an NC30 in the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation.  However, the SA matched me to NC35.  I went out into the natural light, and it was way too dark.  So the next day I purchased the NC30.  To my surprise it was still too dark. I went onto the Internet and found out that Studio Sculpt runs darker than their other foundations.  So that makes me an NC25 in Studio Sculpt.  Anyway, this foundation is full coverage but does not look over done or cakey.  It has a natural satin finish.  It caters for dry skin as it has serum in it.  It has a better staying power on me if I apply a primer underneath and set it with rice powder.  It looks even better when I mix it with the Estee Lauder Double Wear, then I get the best of both worlds!  

Essence eyeliner brush
I had packed my other eyeliner brush away and could not find it, so I grabbed this one and was impressed by the precise application it gives.  I apply a black eyeliner pencil on my upper lash line as a base for the powder I apply over.  I then take this brush and dip it in black eyeshadow and line my lids over the black pencil.  It looks like I have applied a liquid or gel eyeliner.  It looks really nice IMO.

I love watching videos and reading blogs showing monthly favourites, so leave a comment below telling me what your favourites where.

Thanks for reading

Sexy Dark Angel - Night out makeup

I love this look for a night out on the town. "Sexy Dark Angel " is bold, dangerous, but feminine.
Below are guidelines to re-create this look using the "One Night In Morocco palette that I received as a gift with purchase from Clicks Stores.

Use Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place foundation for a completely flawless look.

Apply the eyeshadow primer in the One Night in Morocco palette onto the eyelid to intensify eyeshadow colour and ensure all night wear.

Apply the dark grey eyeshadow from the NYX One Night In Morocco Palette and blend into the inner and outer corners of your eyes, creating an intense sultry look.

Use the brown matte shade with an angled brush to fill in and shape the eyebrows.

Line the lash line with black Gel Liner and line the bottom lash line with a black khol eyeliner pencil.

Apply Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

A pair of False Lashes can be applied for a super dramatic effect.

Contour the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and temples with a matte bronzer.

Finish off with inglot Sleeks Creme Lip gloss for that dangerously sexy pout.

Empties - Products I have finished : June & July 2012

Hi All
There are so many video's and blogs with hauls showing what people bought and their initial opinions to the products.  So while first impressions are good, its nice to know if the products are any good or not.  I have watched a few YouTube video's of gurus showing their "empties" and giving their honest opinion of the products.  So here are my empties.


Eskamel spot & blackhead cleansing soap bar with Aloe Vera 
I have repurchased Eskamel soap bar over and over.  Its that good.  I have already re-purchased a back-up of this.  I use it with a facial cleansing brush.  Although the price has increased, it is still relatively inexpensive.


Hair One - hair cleanser and conditioner - dry scalp formula
I had already done a review on this product in a previous blogpost.  It recently went on sale in Dischem, so I purchased two bottles.  I hope they are not going to discontinue it.  It does not have sodium laurel sulphate or parabens in it. I am trying to use products with natural ingredients on my hair.  I have the one for normal hair and for dry scalp.  I like both but prefer the dry scalp formula as my hair is very dry.

Mandy's Ingrown Hair Serum
I was impressed with this product from the first time I started using it and it lasted a long time. There is no burning and is pleasant to use.  I purchased a cheaper version of this in a different brand once this was finished, but Mandy's is way better.  So I will be repurchasing once my other one is finished.

Bionike Triderm Intimate Wash
 Another excellent product that I keep repurchasing over and over again.  I went to repurchase another one yesterday and its all sold, which gives you an idea how good and popular it is.  It is sold exclusively to Dischem stores..


Rooibos Smoothing Cleansing Lotion
I purchased this because my Loreal Cleansing Milk was finished and this was half the price.
I will definitely repurchase this. It has a pleasant smell, spreads easily on the face and removes makeup.  I also put some on my foundation brushes to remove the residue of my waterproof foundation when I am about to wash my brushes.

Dischem Zero Facial Toner
This is another product I showed in my skincare blog post I did a few months back.  I have been buying this toner for a few years now.  Dischem had a sale whereby you buy one and get the second one free.  Score for me since I only had to pay R29.99 for it. This product has no sodium laurel sulphate or alcohol or any harmful ingredients but still does the job well.  Excellent for sensitive skin.


Eskamel Cleansing Pads
I have re-purchased this product about four times now since I first started using it. I cant rave about it enough.  There is obviously a reason why the price has increased for R25 to R41.99 overnight.  I can only use one cleansing pad on my whole face since it is a bit strong but and wash my face immediately afterwards.  I use waterproof foundation and no matter how clean you think your face is, it isn't, and you will see why after you use this.  It even clears out any pimples on my face.  The pimple heals by the next morning.  I highly recommend this product.

Dischem Hands On - Hand and nail cream
I always keep hand lotion in my draw at work.  The hand soap in the toilets above the basin are quite harsh and dry out my hands.  This hand cream was relatively inexpensive and did a good enough job at keeping my hands moisturized. Now that it is finished, I am using a hand cream that I received in my Glambox a few months backs.  I may re-purchase once that is finished.

Estee Lauder Double Wear
Well I have mentioned this product a few times in previous blog posts. It has the best coverage I have ever gotten from any foundation.  I have repurchased this product but I am not using it everyday like I used to because I have extremely dry skin in winter and this is a drier foundation than most.  I have purchased Mac Studio Sculpt for the days that I am really dry and dot Estee Luader on any blemishs that may need concealing.   I have even mixed these two foundations together and applied to my whole face and the the result is awesome.  Mac studio Sculpt may become oily at the end of the day and Estee Lauder can be drying, so mixing them was the best of both worlds with the best coverage ever.  In summer I will go back to using Estee Luader Double Wear exclusively.

Are there any products that you have used up that you would recommend?   Leave a comment below and let me know.  I am always on the lookout for Holy Grail products that actually work.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

May and June 2012 favourites

Hi there

In the month of May 2012, I was soo busy with Auditors at work that I did not get a chance to upload my monthly favourites which is why I am doing May and June in one post. As a result there are going to be quite a few products mentioned.

MAY 2012:
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
My skin is sensitive, and now that winter has approached it is very dry and has lost its glow and radiance. This balm claims to remove all signs of fatigue, fill out lines and give a radiant glow. It contains olive extract and witch hazel to tighten, bisabolol to soften, and Algae extract to revitalise. I use this product as a make up base although it can be used as a face mask too. To use it I press it in to my skin and then apply make up straight away.  It must not be rubbed into the skin.  It has very good reviews online and I finally buckled and purchased this with no regrets.

Mac Irredescent Powder - Belightful
Mac Irredescent Powder in Beightful is a gorgeous highlighter.  I tend to use this on a night out, but now that winter has approached it is perfect for daytime as well.  I forgot how gorgeous it really is.

Fira Bees Wax Lip Sheers Moisturising Lip Color
I purchased four of these in Cocoa, Rhubarb, Guava, Watermelon and Nutmeg.  They are super pigmented, way more than Revlon Lip Butters.  I decided to purchase these instead.  They are made with Bees Wax so you can be sure that thay are nourishing on the lips especially in winter.  A seperate lipstick and gloss is not needed.  Perfect for when you are on the go.  It also comes in Champagne and one or two other colours. They can be purchased form Dischem at a super low price.  I highly recommend these.

Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder
I was surprised with this powder.  I did not expect much for the price, but I was impressed.  It is supposed to blur imperfections and can be used over blush to set makeup.  I mainly use it on my T Zone.  I like that it does not dry out my skin. I apply it with a fan brush.  It would be comparable to Mac Prep & Prime powder.
Natur Vital Hair Mask - Sensitive
I purchased this after  I used the permamnet hair straightening kit on my hair.  I am trying not to use any products with harsh ingredients on my hair. I like how soft and hydrated it leaves my hair.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat

 I cant rave enough about this product enough.  The nail polish on my toe-nails will last for at least 3 weeks without budging.  It is worth the price and will repurchase when this is finished.

Beaute Cosmetics - Antique Rose Nail Polish
I used the colour Antique Rose on my toe-nails in the month of May 2012, with Sally Hansen Insta DryTop Coat over it.  I love this colour and looks pretty good on my toe-nails.

Natures Choice Miracle Goji Granola
Goji Berries are supposed to have excellent health benefits.  I picked this up from the health Isle in Dischem and tried it.  I add some soy milk and I love it.  I normally add cranberries to every cereal I try but since I found this, it is all I eat in the morning.  It defeinitly has increased my matabolism and it tastes great.

JUNE 2012:

Supreme Cream Body Butter
 I am a body cream / butter fanatic- the more buttery the better, thanks to my obsession with keeping my heals moist. This product claims to be "super spreadable", leaving your skin "super soft and utterly divine", and, to my delight, it did exactly what it promised. It smells good enough to eat, feels luxe to the touch and left my skin feeling beautifully nourished. I was particularly impressed with the quality and consistency of the cream.

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

I received this mascara in one of my Glambox subscriptions.  I like that the brush allows you to coat every lash and comb through them so that you do not get clumps.  However more than one coat is required if used alone.  I like to use this as a "finishing mascara" after I have applied another mascara first.

Sleek I Divine Palette - AU NATUREL

I think I showed this palette in a previuos monthly favourites blogpost, but I had to show it again.  I found myself reaching for this palette almost everyday in June and creating the same look over and over. My favourite colour from this palette is Regal.  I also use Noir everyday to set my black eyeliner and it just intensifies it and finishes the look.

Copper Plum Nail Polish
This colour does not look like much in the bottle, but is gorgeous on the toenails.  Topped with Sally Hansen Anti Chip Top Coat, it has lasted for 4 weeks.

Time-Less Nourishing Oil

Time -Less Nourishing Oil is similar to Bio oil or tissue oil, but it is easily absorbed and is not greasy.  It is endorsed by weigh-less.  I believe this is beacuse Bio Oil make stretch marks black?  I dont know but I dont use Time-less oil for stretch marks at all.  It was recommended to me by a friend.  She uses it on her face instead of a moisturiser on the morning.  I however found a different use for it.  I add a few drops into my cleansing lotion at night.  It make my makeup melt right off.  Especially since my foundation is waterproof, I found this works very well instead of going out to buy an expensive cleansing oil.

Bionike Defence CodeXage regenerating ant-aging mask
Sensitive and intolerant skin
This mask feels lxurious on the skin.  I apply it directly after I exfoliate and it instantly soothes and moisturises the skin.  After I rinse it off, my skin is soo smooth.  The Bionike range is sold exlusively at Dischem.  I received this as a gift with purchase when I purchased my moisturiser.  It also came with an excellent eye cream and a cute purse / bag.
Estee Lauder: New Pure Color Crystal Lipstick - # 01 Crytal Baby (Creme)
My sister received this lipstick as a gift with purchase from Estee Lauder and gave it to me.  I love this colour.  It is the perfect pink for me and it is an everyday wearable colour for the office so I will never look overdone.  It is very flattering and has good colour payoff.

Nyx Push Up Bra for eyebrows
This was purchased to get a gift with purchase from Nyx but I did not use it for at least two months after purchase.  I know use the light pink side everyday.  I apply it to my brow bone then apply my highlight colour over it.  You wont believe the difference it makes.  I have not used the brown colour on my brows yet as I am still using my HG wax brow pen from Revlon, which I am almost out of , so I will be giving this a try as well.

Thanks for looking at my May and June 2012 favourites.  I know this was a long post but I needed to play catch -up and I have been truly loving all the products mentioned above.