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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Empties - Products I have finished : June & July 2012

Hi All
There are so many video's and blogs with hauls showing what people bought and their initial opinions to the products.  So while first impressions are good, its nice to know if the products are any good or not.  I have watched a few YouTube video's of gurus showing their "empties" and giving their honest opinion of the products.  So here are my empties.


Eskamel spot & blackhead cleansing soap bar with Aloe Vera 
I have repurchased Eskamel soap bar over and over.  Its that good.  I have already re-purchased a back-up of this.  I use it with a facial cleansing brush.  Although the price has increased, it is still relatively inexpensive.


Hair One - hair cleanser and conditioner - dry scalp formula
I had already done a review on this product in a previous blogpost.  It recently went on sale in Dischem, so I purchased two bottles.  I hope they are not going to discontinue it.  It does not have sodium laurel sulphate or parabens in it. I am trying to use products with natural ingredients on my hair.  I have the one for normal hair and for dry scalp.  I like both but prefer the dry scalp formula as my hair is very dry.

Mandy's Ingrown Hair Serum
I was impressed with this product from the first time I started using it and it lasted a long time. There is no burning and is pleasant to use.  I purchased a cheaper version of this in a different brand once this was finished, but Mandy's is way better.  So I will be repurchasing once my other one is finished.

Bionike Triderm Intimate Wash
 Another excellent product that I keep repurchasing over and over again.  I went to repurchase another one yesterday and its all sold, which gives you an idea how good and popular it is.  It is sold exclusively to Dischem stores..


Rooibos Smoothing Cleansing Lotion
I purchased this because my Loreal Cleansing Milk was finished and this was half the price.
I will definitely repurchase this. It has a pleasant smell, spreads easily on the face and removes makeup.  I also put some on my foundation brushes to remove the residue of my waterproof foundation when I am about to wash my brushes.

Dischem Zero Facial Toner
This is another product I showed in my skincare blog post I did a few months back.  I have been buying this toner for a few years now.  Dischem had a sale whereby you buy one and get the second one free.  Score for me since I only had to pay R29.99 for it. This product has no sodium laurel sulphate or alcohol or any harmful ingredients but still does the job well.  Excellent for sensitive skin.


Eskamel Cleansing Pads
I have re-purchased this product about four times now since I first started using it. I cant rave about it enough.  There is obviously a reason why the price has increased for R25 to R41.99 overnight.  I can only use one cleansing pad on my whole face since it is a bit strong but and wash my face immediately afterwards.  I use waterproof foundation and no matter how clean you think your face is, it isn't, and you will see why after you use this.  It even clears out any pimples on my face.  The pimple heals by the next morning.  I highly recommend this product.

Dischem Hands On - Hand and nail cream
I always keep hand lotion in my draw at work.  The hand soap in the toilets above the basin are quite harsh and dry out my hands.  This hand cream was relatively inexpensive and did a good enough job at keeping my hands moisturized. Now that it is finished, I am using a hand cream that I received in my Glambox a few months backs.  I may re-purchase once that is finished.

Estee Lauder Double Wear
Well I have mentioned this product a few times in previous blog posts. It has the best coverage I have ever gotten from any foundation.  I have repurchased this product but I am not using it everyday like I used to because I have extremely dry skin in winter and this is a drier foundation than most.  I have purchased Mac Studio Sculpt for the days that I am really dry and dot Estee Luader on any blemishs that may need concealing.   I have even mixed these two foundations together and applied to my whole face and the the result is awesome.  Mac studio Sculpt may become oily at the end of the day and Estee Lauder can be drying, so mixing them was the best of both worlds with the best coverage ever.  In summer I will go back to using Estee Luader Double Wear exclusively.

Are there any products that you have used up that you would recommend?   Leave a comment below and let me know.  I am always on the lookout for Holy Grail products that actually work.

Thanks for Reading 

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