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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time to purge

Most products have expiry dates on them and these dates should be followed.  For products that  do not have expiry dates, there are general rules to follow. 
Old and expired makeup and other products can cause breakouts and infections.

Here is what I purged today:

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliners must be thrown out every three months from the time they have been opened (not six months). This is to avoid eye infections or getting lash bugs
  •  Three-in-one products that smear germs from lips to eyes and back again must be thrown out timeously.
  •  Lip Gloss must be checked up on constantly.  Watch for colour change and smell.
  •   Old Liquid foundations tend to separate and smell bad, so ditch these along with liquid concealers. These last about a year.
  •  Lipsticks and lip balm can last up to a year but must be tossed if you used them while you were sick.
  •  Eyeshadows, blushes and other dry powder products should last two years.
  •  Every three years nail polishes must be tossed.  If they start to separate, they won’t do much for your nails when they are in this condition.
  •  Lip pencils should last about three years as well, but only because the germs are removed when it is sharpened.
  •  Old makeup sponges harbor bacteria.  Unless you disinfect them every few days, using them can lead to breakouts and contact dermatitis.
Purging can be hard to do especially when you think how much money you have spent, but getting ill from using old expired products is not an option.
I felt great after I purged and I have more space now.

Products purged:
7 mascaras
1 liquid eyeliner
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator
Four lip pencils
Two eyeshadow primers (1 homemade)
One face primer
One lip gloss
Two lipsticks
Lipstick Lock
Eyelash curlers
1 Liquid foundation
1 Cream foundation
Two powder foundations (empty containers)
Eye makeup remover
Self tan lotion spray
Placenta hair mist
Cell rejuvenating oil (similar to bio-oil)

In an upcoming post I want to talk about how to sanitize different makeup items while in use and which have not yet expired.  This is very important to do and will prevent bacteria and breakouts from happening.

Thank you for reading.

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