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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Yardley Designer Brow set

I stumbled across this Yardley Designer Brow set while shopping in Dischem.  This is comparable to the NYX brow set sold in Clicks which I was admiring last month.
Get beautiful designer brows with Yardley's designer brow kit.  All the tools are provided to create and shape your brows.  The kit includes:
* Shadow powder
* Eyebrow brush
* Mini tweezers
* Browshape stencils
* Eyebrow gel
* Step by step guide to create beautiful brows

I am sure you can get this at any department store wherever Yardley cosmetics are sold. has it marked down from R159 to R139.

I am currently using my Essence eyebrow set which is not as fancy as this and does not contain the brow gel or tweezers.  But Essence is so inexpensive so I cant complain.  I am planning to do a blogpost on how I  shape and maintain my eyebrows using the Essence brow set.

Let me know in the comments below what you like to use on your brows to shape and set them daily.  I am always up to try new products.

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