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Monday, 17 June 2013

Depotting & my DIY palettes

It seems every time there is a sale, I pick up single eyeshadows.  These take up space and when I do my makeup in the mornings, I tend to ignore them and not reach for them.  This is because I would have to go through the stash and open each one to find the colour combinations I need.  For this reason I tend to reach for my palettes more.  I hate hitting pan on shadows in my palettes when there are singles not being used.

I decided to depot.  The had quiet a few Essence eyeshadows and noticed that these had larger pans than the normal round shadows.  I had an old palette that I cleaned out, and kept for my Essence shadows to have a new home.

I am proud of how this palette turned out. There is mainly Essence shadows in this palette, a few Sleek Style shadows and the smaller shadows are Woolworths, amd Michelle-Ori.

I watched lots of depoting videos and blogposts on depotting.  Some people used the stove, others used flat irons.  I decided to use a candle.  I also used CD cases (instead of DVD cases) for  DIY palettes for other shadows, simply because CD cases are easier.  The insert that holds the CD comes off very easily.

Empty CD cases
CD cases covered in self-adhesive contact paper 

The CD cases did not carry as many shadows as I would have liked although it did help with space saving.  I decided on another DIY palette, and the overflow would go into the CD cases, as well as any future sinlges or quads etc.

An A5 Document case 

 I purchased the document case from the Plastic Shop.  It was about R20.  It also comes in A4 as well.

I wanted to put as much shadows in one palette as possible so I do not have to open a few palettes each morning.  Although I guess if I separate the round pans from the square pans, it may look a little neater.  I may move the round ones into the CD cases at a later stage, but for now I am happy with this palette.

Items I used for depotting:
A candle
Pliers from my mini toolbox
Magnetic Tape
Paper plates

Pliers and a paper plate

Magnetic tape from Waltons



Empty cases 

All that packaging ready to be thrown away

I basically opened each shadow and held it over the flame until the glue melted and used the pliers to push the shadow pan out from underneath.  I couldn't believe how quick and easy the pan popped out.
I then layed the pans it on a paper plate for a few minutes to make sure it was cool before I transfered them into the palettes.  I used adhesive glue on the black palette as I knew I was not going to move those shadows around.  On the document case palette, I used magnetic tape, so I could move these around when I needed to.

The only thing I didn't do out of laziness was that I did not save the labels on the underneath of each shadow which shows the name of the shadow. I looked everywhere for magnetic sheets to lay on the palette first before I used magnetic tape on the pans, but I could not find any magnetic sheets anywhere.

Now I use my DIY palettes everyday,   I have loads more space, which is a plus for me.  Now I don't have lots of singles rolling around the draw.

Thanks for reading

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