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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Beauty Treats 24 Colour Warm Eye Palette

I found the Beauty Treats 24 Colour Warm Eye Palette in Dischem while doing my normal toiletry shopping.  There where only a few left and at that price, how could I leave it?  For R49 for the palette, it works out to about R2 per shadow.  I think it would be perfect as a gift for a female.

I did not expect much quality wise but was very surprised.  The darker shadows show up better and more pigmented than the lighter shades.  But I always use a primer underneath so I don't have a problem.  I have done a neutral look, a cranberry smokey eye, grey smokey eye, and other looks that I felt like doing on any given day.  I have carried it my spare bag many times with no problems with eyesahdows breaking.  It has a sturdy plastic case.  

This palette now lives in my draw at work, so on days I am rushing and don't get a chance to do my eyemakeup before I leave home, I always have a back-up at work. 

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