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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Time To Purge Again!

So I went through my makeup collection like I always do now and again to wipe down / sanitize my makeup items.  I then evalaute what I have not used in a while and need to give away to someone who needs and appreciates makeup (after I have sanitized it, otherwise I would never pass it on)  Then there are items that are just old or do not look like they can be given to anyone.

So the picture above shows what I am purging/ throwing away.  These are all low end items.  Thank goodness my high end items last forever.  These I don't mind throwing away.
Two gel eyeliners, brown and black (saved these once before in the microwave. They are now dead.
6 blushes
1 Revlon bronzed (this was my HG bronzer the whole of last year)
Eyeshadow trio
Revlon cream shadow quad
2 My Glam eye and blush palettes

Remember using old products on your skin means, break-outs or worse so get rid of them!

Have you ever purged any makeup items? If so leave me a comment and let me know.

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