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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: Sleek Rose Gold Blush

I received the Sleek Rose Gold Blush a few weeks ago from a friend.  I have been lusting after this blush for a long time.  It only took this long for me to do a review of this blush because I have been using another blush that I was craving for - Milani Luminoso.

Sleek blush in Rose Gold

The packaging is black, sophisticated and great for travelling as it has a snap shut close on it.  I also has a big mirror on it, again for those who may like to travel.

There is countless shades of blushes offered by Sleek MakeUp, some limited edition, others permanent, but no other hue is quite coveted like Rose Gold and I can see why,  This blush is a coral pink shade that is laced with a golden sheen making it universally flattering.  I have not seen a post on this blush in which it did not suit the wearer.

This blush has the perfect balance of pigment and sheen. It is super pigmented and you only need a little on your blush brush to get a lovely glow but it blends really easily and does not look shimmery at all.  The gold sheen in the blush make it glow on the apples of your cheeks (in a good way).  The best way to apply it, is on the apples of the cheeks then sweep it upwards towards your ear (in the shape of a Nike sign)

I have a rose gold eye shadow in my Sleek Original eye-shadow palette, which I love using often.  Rose Gold is a colour that I am really loving lately, especially in jewellery.

Sleek Blush is only available at selected Foschini stores.


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