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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Avroy Shlain Colorfull Concealer Pen

This is only the third product from Avroy Shlain that I have purchased.  A lady who used to work for the same company as I do, used to sell Avroy Shlain, so I had purchased a powder and a bronzer & highlighter duo from her.  She then left the company and I never found or heard of another Avroy Shlain consultant.

While at the hairdresser having my hair cut, I picked up a catalogue from the counter.  Since everyone overseas was raving about the L'oreal concealer pen, and here in South Africa, we never get any L'oreal concealers, I thought I would give the Avroy Shlain Colorfull Concealer Pen a try.

 I got it at the launch price of R69.  It does twist up and down, so no need for a sharpener.  it comes in two shades, Light and Dark.  I purchased the shade Light.  It is meant to conceal acne spots, discolouration and under-eye darkness.

The shade Light has a pink undertone.  I noticeably have a yellow undertone so I do not use this on blemishes.  If I had to use concealer on blemishes, I would use one the same colour as my skintone or foundation.  Since this does have a pink undertone, it is good as an under eye corrector.  Salmon colour correctors brighten up the eye area by correcting the darkness under the eye if you have blue or purple bags under the eye.  

I do have very dark under eye circles and am always looking for something to correct and cover them up.  Before I apply this, I always apply a moisturising primer, then the corrector then a concealer in my skin tone, or one shade lighter.

I like that it is twist up, so there is no mess by dabbing my finger in it then applying it.  I can apply it straight to the eye area.  I always follow with a yellow toned liquid concealer over it.  I achieve decent coverage this way.

 I have just started using it, so we will see if it will hold up in the hot summer months ahead, then I can decide if it is worth repurchasing or not.

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