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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Inglot Haul

A few weeks ago, I went out on my lunch break to pick up a few groceries.  On my way out of the mall I saw a 50% sale sign at the Inglot stand.  They are introducing their products with new packaging. Inglot is doing away with products in the "round pan" and stocking products in the "square pan" etc.  There was concealers, lipsticks, eyebrow powders, foundations etc.  There was soo much stock on sale and all the shades where available.  However it was taking time picking out shades and I had to get back to work.  So I was upset that I missed the sale.  However two weeks later, when I walked past, the sale was still on.  No doubt, a lot of the shades had been sold by then.  The lipsticks in a pan where so pretty, but I do not generally buy lipsticks in a pan. I picked up 3 things:

This is not the best picture, but here is what I got.

Cream Concealer in the shade "31" 10ml - R50
For a liquid concealer this is thick and highly pigmented.  It gives full coverage and conceals my under eye circles perfectly. However I could have gone one shade darker.  I still make it work though.  So I am happy with this purchase.

Freedom System Cream Concealer in the shade "LW700" 1.3g - R20
This concealer surprised me.  It has a lovely yellow undertone and is super creamy. 
Normally concealers in a pan are dry, but this was not.  It has a medium coverage.  The yellow tone is good for me on blemishes and under the eyes.

Freedom System Brow Powder in the shade "564" - R25
My eyebrow pencil is almost finished and I wanted a brow powder so my eyebrows would look more natural.  I like this powder, however, since I have been colouring my hair black, a darker shade would have been nice.

So overall the sales assistant could have colour matched me better than she did.  However, I love all the products I bought and I will no doubt use then up and make them work for me. 


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