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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Homemade eyemakeup remover

Hi all

I wanted to share my easy, effective and cost saving homemade eye-makeup remover which consists of only two ingredients - rose water and olive oil.

I had previously received travel sizes of an Estee Lauder and an Elizabeth Arden eye-makeup remover in  gift with purchase boxes.  The Elizabeth Arden one in particular was half liquid and half oil.  It looked like mineral oil but I did not want to make one with mineral oil (baby oil) . After these two where finished I continued using  the Like Silk eye-makeup remover which I received in a Glambox last year.  It was wonderful at first but started burning my eyes when I started using it again.
So I decided to make my own and I love it. I used the empty Elizabeth Arden travel size bottle to store my homemade eye-makeup remover.  I used Rosewater purchased from.Gorimas R3.99 for 200 ml and Olive Oil from Dischem from the medical isle 50ml, I think it was less than R25.

The recipe consists of half Rosewater and half Olive oil.  I ended up.putting a tad bit more rosewater than olive oil (on purpose) and this ratio worked for me.

Both these ingredients are soothing and moisturise the eye area while removing every drop of waterproof eye-makeup I may have on my eye. To use I shake up the mixture well then use a.cotton pad to dispense the mixture on.  I then hold the cotton pad over my eye for a few seconds which melts the eye-makeup. Then I wipe the eye area to remove the eye-makeup.  Its quick and easy and I don't have to.rub and tug at the gentle eye area.

I.don't think I will waste money on eye-makeup removers with harsh ingredients ever again.

Thanks.for reading.

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