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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Review : Revlon 24 Hours Gentle Cleansing Milk

I purchased this product months back and have since finished the bottle. It was purchased from Dischem for about R54 for a 400ml bottle. The bottle is very big so it was cheap for the quantity that you get.  The L"oreal one is about R90 or much less product so this was value for money.  The packaging looks expensive and comes with a lovely pump. It says that it is suitable for types.

The texture of this product is more of a cleansing lotion instead of a cleansing milk.
Cleansing milks work better in my experience and opinion. So it looked and worked like a cleansing lotion, which was just okay.  I also was not fond of the slight "relaxer" smell it had.  But the smell disappeared once I wiped it off my face two minutes later.

When you pump it out the bottle it dispenses a cream coloured lotion which I apply to my face. I then take three tissues (doubled on top of each other) then wipe off.  I then follow with a cleansing wipe (Clicks brand).

My opinions:-
  I was initially happy to find an affordable cleansing milk, which are generally more expensive and effective than cleansing lotions. Cleansing milks remove makeup off your skin way better.  But this was not a milk as it says on the bottle, rather it is a lotion.
I did not enjoy the smell.
I loved the packaging, and the quantity you get at the affordable price I paid.

I still want to try Revlon's other cleansing milk called - Eterna 27+ Softening Cleansing Milk.
Since I finished this cleansing milk, I am using the Victorian Garden Cleansing Cream that I received in a swap from a friend. It works better. I.see more makeup.come off onto my tissue and I use less of the product.  I will do a review on this at a later stage.


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