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Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Essence Products & BB Cream Review

All pictures where taken from google.

I must say that for a very affordable brand, Essence is really stepping up to the plate.
Look at how cute those makeup sponges are!  Those sponges in other brands are a bit pricey.
I saw every product in store except for the sponges, they must be arriving soon.

I did not pick up the either of the powders as I have the Catrice Loose Prime and Fine Powder as well as the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which are going to last for a while.

I did pick up the Essence Match 2 Cover Concealer as I am almost out of my HG Elizabeth Arden Maximum Coverage Concealer which I absolutely adore and have purchased twice.  The Elizabeth Arden once is pricey considering it gets finished very quickly.  So I was hoping to try an affordable alternative.
The back of the packaging states :-
"Cream Concealer - high coverage of skin imperfections and dark circles. 2 shades to perfectly match your skin-tone"
So the idea is to mix the two in order to find the correct tone for you. I only purchased it a day ago and have not really used it on my skin or under eyes.  I did test it on my hand when I got home.  It's a little drier than I would like it to be, so It would be good for my blemishes but hopefully not too dry for my under-eye which is where I need concealer daily.  I think I may just need to warm the product between my fingers first then apply to the eye area.  My fingers are crossed that this works for me.

The Essence all-in-one BB Creams come in 3 shades : 01 Universal, 02 Natural & 03 Medium.
Universal has a yellow undertone and suites my Mac NC30 skin-tone well.
Natural has a Neutral undertone for fair skin-tones, suitable for pink undertones as well in my opinion.
Medium looks like it has a yellow undertone as well and is slightly darker than the first two shades
It has SPF30, is fragrance and oil free, dermatologist tested.  This was the reason I picked this up as my skin is super sensitive. I did wear this today and set it with mineral powder, so far so good. 

Other products being launched from Essence in 2013 are:-

Stay Matte Lip Cream
Velvet Rose (01)
Smooth Berry (02)
Soft Nude (03)
Silky Red (04)

3D Eyeshadow
Irresistble Green (01)
Irresistble Purrple (02)
Irresistble First Love (03)
Irresistble Caramel Cream (04)
Irresistble Blue Sky (05)
Irresistble Mermaid Kiss (06)
Irresistble Smokey Eye (07)
Irresistble Vanilla Latte (08)
Irresistble Chocolates (09)

Stays No Matter What Waterpoof Eye Pencil (In-store. I can kick myself for not picking this up)

Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner (in Store. I fail at putting these on my eyes, my hands are not steady. I always admire it on everyone else)

I ♥ Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen (In store)

Stays No Matter What 24h Waterproof Volume Mascara (in Store)

All Eyes on Me Waterproof Multi-Effect Mascara (In Store)

Maximum Length Mascara (in Store)

I ♥ Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara (in Store.  I love this mascara and have done a review already)

Gel Tint (Not in store yet.  I am dying to try these.  Hopefully as good as the pricey and highly raved about YSL ones and the L'oreal ones)
Deep Red (02)
Flashy Apricot (03)
Hot Red (01)
Pink Exposed (04)

There are lots more products coming out as per their website like lashes and lash glue and lots more colours from their nail polish line, bronzers, nail art etc.  The list goes on.

I am so happy to have a brand like Essence that keeps up to date with the trends of high end brands at an affordable price.

Have you picked up any of the Essence stuff lately?  Please let us know in the comments below if the products whee a hit or miss.

Thanks for reading


  1. I adore Essence cosmetics and I must agree their new range is amazing!

    Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Hi
      I have tried a few more things from the range since this post. I really like essence. I think their eyeshadows are really good quality. I have so many, i had to depot them and put them in a DIY palette.
      Love your blog btw.

  2. great post I ran into. I'm a newbie when it come to makeup.
    I'm printing and keeping this. thanks a lot.

    1. Hey,
      We where all once newbies. It kinda helps with your confidence. Finding new things is exciting.