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Friday, 29 March 2013

My first swap

Hi all

I came into contact with a lovely lady who read an article on my blog and wanted a bit more information on the subject.  So she made contact with me on Facebook and asked some questions, to which I was only happy to answer.

She lives in South Africa as well but in a difference province and after chatting for a while we realized that we both have things in our cities that the other does not have.  So we decided to do a swap.
Overall it was a good experience.  The only bad thing was that the post office decided to go on a strike when my package was being sent. So it was stuck in between cities for a little while. Lol.
 Anyway, the strike ended and I got my package. Everything arrived safely except my Jordana eyeshadow.  The Post Office was obviously a bit rough with my packaging even though it had a "fragile" sign on it.
Which is still usable and it can be re-pressed, so yay for me. I literally tore the packaging open, I was soo excited to receive my swap parcel.

So the first thing I pulled out of the box was a Thank You Card. OMW that was soo sweet. I was really touched.

The next four things was the stuff I was most excited about receiving:

- NYX Mosaic Powder - looking forward to trying this.
- NYC Sunny Bronzer - this is a cult product overseas, and now I have one, yay!
- Sleek blush in Sunrise - A gorgeous bronzey blush with a gold sheen
- Sleek blush in Suede - A Gorgeous natural shade wearable with any other makeup

I have four Sleek eyeshadow palettes, which I love to death, and I have been wanting the blushes for so long. But unfortunately before I got a chance to get any, Foschini discontinued the brand from the stores in my area (how rude).  The quality of these blushes are amazing, so is the price and they rival super  high end brands.
- The Victorian Garden Apricot and Lavender Cleansing Cream :  I use the cleansing cream in the mornings before I tone and moisturize.
- The Victorian Garden Sesame and Honey Nourishing Eye Cream:  I keep the eye cream in the refrigerator and it gives a cooling soothing effect when I apply it.
- Black Opal Oil Blocking Mattifier: This is a gel based primer. It has awesome oil control.  I used it on my T-zone especially on the sides of my nose where I get oily in the summertime.
- NYC Skin Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer:- I have not tried this yet.

- Annique Miracle Tissue Oil - made with Rooibos Oil
- Naturals Spot Treatment
- Two Markwins Cream Eyeshadows - Colours in green and cream 
- Jordana Eyeshadow in Duet
- Ulta Eyeshadow in Plum Noir
- Two Sally Girl Baked  Eyeshadows
- The Color Workshop Eyeliner in dark green
I have not used or tested any of these yet, but fully intend to in the next week.

- Body Thrills body butter
- Tranquil Body Treats Indulgence Body Butter in Chocolate & Vanilla
- Miracle Body Sponge
- After Night Fever. Soothing Essence Mask
- 100% Natural Organic Goats Milk Soap - By Opulence Soap
- A Hydrating Masque

I still need to test / use these products as well.  Looking forward to trying them over the long Easter weekend and pamper myself.

So that was my first swap. She was equally excited when she received my swap parcel as well and we have become.good friends since then.ou would like a review on any of the products mentioned above and I will be only too happy to done one.

Let me know if you have you ever done a swap? I would love to hear about your experience. Please leave your comments and / suggestions in the comments section.

Thank you


  1. NYC?! I haven't heard of this brand before. Where can I get these?? I live in Cape Town. I would love to hear your comments on this brand :)

    1. Hi There.
      People overseas rave about the NYC Sunny Bronzer so I was thrilled to get this. The lady I did a swap with has been doing swaps with overseas You tube Gurus for a while now. She was sent two NYC Sunny Bronzers. She sent me her new spare one. Her and I have decided to do a collaborative swap with her friends overseas at the end of the month. This way we both get things we cant get in South Africa. I cant wait.