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Friday, 29 March 2013

Avon Haul March 2013

Here is my March 2013 Avon haul.  All these items where on sale. I did not pay full price for any of these items.  I got good quality items at bargain prices.

Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask.
I have been obsessed with Moroccan Argan Oil products and my hair has gone through a lot of chemical processes lately and is very dry and parched.  Hopefully this, together with the Moroccan oil will put some moisture back into my hair and make it grow. If it works, then it will definitely show up in a favorites post.

Color trend lipsticks - Any two for R55
Beige Star - The perfect nudish brown IMO. It does look a little darker in the picture but its more on the nude side.
Flirt - A really pretty coral shade.  I am obsessed with coral lipstick at the moment.
I have a few Avon lipsticks and have noticed what great quality they are and they have good colour payoff. I am really happy with these.

Simply Pretty Lip Balms - Cherry and Strawberry R9.95 each
I always keep a lip balm in my makeup bag and one in my handbag. Before I apply my makeup I apply lip balm to my lips, so by the time I get to apply my lipstick at the end, my lips are moisturized and there is no dry patches or cracks on my lips. My lipstick will then apply evenly.  I also apply lip balm before I sleep at night.

Avon Care Silicone Glove protective hand cream R19.95
Besides tissues, hand cream is another product I MUST keep in my draw at work. So I like to always get a back-up when I have opened the last one. There where two to choose from.  I bought the other one last time and thought I would try the silicone glove hand cream this time and compare the two and see which one is better.

Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Daily Cleanser with a free Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask
This was a good deal.  The price was reduced and included a free mask.  I have been using the Cleanser every night since I received it.  It has tiny beads in it so I don't need to use my facial brush.  These products have salicylic acid in them which is great for acne.   I normally use a facial bar soap with salicylic acid in it.  This is obviously easier than using a bar soap. I am please to say that it has kept my me blackhead free while I have been using it.  If my makeup is not removed properly (even if you think it is) I get blackheads.  Overall I am happy with the cleanser.  I have not tried the mask yet.  I have high hopes that it will be good as well.

So like I mentioned before, all the prices mentioned above where not full price.  I always get great deals from Avon.  They have sale items every month. Chances are a product I like will.go on sale sometime or the other.

I would like to hear if there are any Avon products that you love and purchase repeatedly. Let me know in the comments section own below.


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