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Friday, 29 March 2013

2013 Birthday Haul


So my birthday is on the 19th March, and I posted a.birthday haul last year, and thought I would show all the lovely gifts I received this year as well. I love all my gifts and my friends and family who who gave them to me.

The first gift was a Black Nine West bag.  I love bags (which female.doesn't). This was from my mom and sister.  Its so gorgeous and will keep it as a prized possession lol.

From my daughter I received the following:
x2 Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Hand and nail creams.  One is Lavender Infused and the other is 24HR moisture. Keeping hand cream in my draw at work is a must for me. So I wont have to purchase for a while. And everyone knows how divine Oh So Heavenly products are.
Dr. Miracles Deep Conditioning Treatment -I really needed this product. I have been complaining about the condition of my hair lately. Looking forward to trying  this and hopefully repurchasing it.
Revolution Shadow Collection eyeshadow set. It has 5 gorgeous shades in it. She knows her  mother loves eyeshadow, enough said lol.
She also made me three birthday cards, one was 5 pages long.  Its was really precious, and also personal so I wont be showing those.

From my bff I received this gorgeous brown bag.  She has a matching one is black. She knows I like the same things she does.  I am going to love using it.  It is the right size for me as well.

She also.bought me "The Perfect Pamper Bathing Box" from Dirty Works.  OMW I love Dirty Works.  A colleague told me to try the body butter a while ago and once I did, I fell in love with it.  They have a lovely smell, very moisturizing and great quality. I am very happy with this gift. The pack includes "All of a lather body wash", "Buff your stuff body scrub" and "Supreme cream body butter". What cute names they have!
Dirty Works - Good clean fun!!!!

The next gift are these sexy red heals from a staff member of mine from work.  She did some research obviously, because those shoes are so me, lol.  I love them and I already have an outfit in mind to wear them with.

Lindt Chilli Chocolate
This I received from a good friend of mine.  We both love dark chocolate.  Chilli flavour Lindt - Yummy.  I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Last but not least is from a colleague if mine. She gave me a Loofah Body Strap. Its perfect because its hard to reach my back in the shower. I also received some Kleenex Kimberley Clark Professional facial tissues.  She knows that I always have to have tissues in my draw at work.  So thanks to her for my thoughtful gift.

That was my birthday haul.  As you can see I received some pamper products which I am definitely.going to try over the long weekend.  I am in no way bragging about what I received. I love everything I and wanted to share them with you.



  1. Happy birthday! It was my birthday on the 21st :) Awesome gifts! LOVE those shoes!

    1. Hi Charlie.

      Sorry for the late reply. Happy belated birthday to you! Our birthdays are so close together wow! Thanks for the wishes and kind words.