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Friday, 29 March 2013

Haul / Swap with my bff

Hi there

These products where received from my bff. We swapped parcels on the same day she gave me my birthday presents. We have been collecting stuff for each other for a while now, so every time there is a sale and we see something we will get two of each. Especially if the branch closest to her may not have a product or the same sale. So we met for coffee / shopping and we did our swap.

I did not take pictures of what I gave her though. She received 2 lipglosses, an eyeshadow, 2 nailpolish, 4 lipsticks and I cant remember what else right now.

Anyway here is what I received:

Three nail products:
Clicks beauty essentials nail protector
Essence nailpolish in "Barefoot through the moss"
Define nailpolish in "Baby boy"

Three lip products
Charlie Shine Divine Lip Color in "003 Mochaccino"
Charlie Shine Divine Lionel Color in " 001 Royal Rum"

These you have to twist until the color appears. Can't wait to try them.
Yardley Rollo' Gloss Moisturizing Blame in Strawberry. Enriched with vitamin E and she butter.It smells yummy.
I will definitely thru these out and update on how I like them. So far they look great.

Essence Blossoms etc...Eyeshadow in "Bloom-A-Loom"
My Bff knows how crazy I went for purple eyeshadow last.  Purple is also my favorite color.  This is from the Essence limited edition Blossoms etc. line.  I am going to have fun creating an eyeshadow look with this. I think Essence eyeshadow is good quality and I have lots of them.

Montagne Jennesse Sensuous Spice Self Warming Mask. It has Cinnamon & Ginger exotic spices.  You get 10 uses out of this 100g bottle . My friend has already tried her one out and  she says this mask is divine. The long Easter weekend will be the perfect time to try my one out.

Olive de Provence Exfoliating Body Scrub.  I have already heard how good this brand is and not to mention how good it smells.

Essence Pureskin spot fighting duo.  This product is anti-bacterial and has a double action against spots and imperfections.  It has a roller-ball applicator that dries up spots before they come out. The concealer side of this duo offers coverage without blocking pores. New spots are also prevented. Sounds like an interesting product. The next time I have a zit I will definitely zap.some of this product on it and put it to the test.

So between my birthday haul, my bff swap and out of city friend swap, I received lots of pamper products.   Work has been super stressful so these products are just what I needed.  I am so glad we have the long weekend so I can pamper myself with all the new goodies I received.

Thanks for reading.

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