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Monday, 9 April 2012

March 2012 Favourites

So I wanted to start doing monthly favourites blogposts.  I did not do one in February because I was so busy.  So here is my March 2012 favourites.

The first products is Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral blush in "Nude Glow"  This is what it looked like when I first bought it......

This is what it looks like now.....

As you can see I have hit pan on this blush.  That is how much I like it. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, talc-free, non-comedegenic, dermatologist approved and oil free so it is ideal for sensitive skin. Minerals provide color that achieves soft, sheer shades for a long-lasting smooth, natural finish. so you never look over-done.  The marbleized design features two shades-in-one for a flawless and even finish.  Physicians formula is available exclusively to Dischem in South Africa.

My next favorite is the brush shown in the picture above.  L'amour X-treme Brushes - Qingni 805 by Extreme Cosmetics. I found it purely by accident when I was shopping for groceries at Pick n Pay Hypermarket by the Sea.  ,  It feels like a duo fibre brush and is soo soft.  It blends out brush and bronzer perfectly leaving no harsh lines. I do not use an angled brush to apply blush anymore and have picked up another one of these brushes so I have one for blush and one for bronzer.  It claims to be  hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested.
My next favorite is also a brush known as the Bionic Flat Top Buffer. I purchased this from Coastal Scents during a sale.  The markdown was enough to over-ride the courier fee so I had to get it after reading raving reviews.  I use this for foundation only.  My previous favorite foundation brush was a duo fibre stippling brush but this is even better.  It cuts down application time and buffs foundation into the skin without  any streaks  leaving an airbrushed finish.

Bionic Flat Top Buffer
My next favorite brush is angled eyeliner brush used to apply eyeshadow over pencil liner to prolong its wear and make the colour stand out more.  This has he perfect brush head for this application.  This was purchased at Lacosmogirl.

The eyeshadow I have reached for most of the month is Catrice's quad in 040 Never Let Me Go!  Lovely everyday colours.  I also use the darkest colour over brown pencil liner.  Lovely everyday colours to wear to the office. The colour can definetly be made more intense when going out after work to a party or another function using the darkest shade to smoke up the look.

Catrice - 040 Never Let Me Go!

The next product is also from Catrice.  Made To Stay Long lasting Eyeshadow in the shade 040 Lord Of The Blings.  I use this after primer but before eyeshadow as a base under the lid colour especially with the Catrice quad shown above. It makes the eyeshadow colour pop.  I use it under most of my eyeshadows.  I have 3 other Catrice Made To Stay Long lasting Eyeshadow shades but this is my favourite one.

Made To Stay Long lasting Eyeshadow 040 Lord Of The Blings.

I always use two mascaras as I have wimpy lashes.  I am currently using Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt as a base coat as it lengthens the lashes.  I then follow with Bionike Colour Defence Fake Lash Effect Volume Mascara.

I change the nail Polish on my toes every month and it seems to last at least three weeks if I put a good top coat over.  This month I am sporting the colour Neptune.  It a dark brown colour and is flattering on my skin tone.  It was purchased from Foschini on sale.


I ran out of my Shea body butter from the body shop and didn't want to pay so much for a replacement since I got the first one on sale.  I then remembered that as an Xmas gift someone gave me a body butter and body scrub gift set from Woolworth's.  So I took it out of the cupboard and needless to say, I love it.  It is a Vanilla & Brown Sugar body butter with argon oil to calm and soothe.  It smells so yummy and is moisturising. I use body butter on my feet which keeps dryness away.

Vanilla & Brown Sugar body butter with argon oil

My favourite lip product for the month is the Dischem LIp Therapy Jojoba.  It leaves my lips smooth and moisturized.  I use at night after I clean my face and also over lipstick as it goes on as a clear gloss.  So my handbag wont be without this.

The foundation I have reached for most of the month is Max Factor - Miracle Touch - Liquid Illusion Foundation in 75 Golden.  I always return to this foundation and have repurchased it a few times already as it is better than most high end foundations I have tried. My face always looks better and is acne free when I use this foundation.  I do not wear a primer under this foundation.  The only negative is that packaging holds very little product and it gets finished very quickly. I apply it with the Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush mentioned above.

My last favorite is a ring I purchased during March form Lacosmogirl and should have been included in my birthday haul.  I wore it the night of my birthday dinner as well as most of the month of March.

 Those are my monthly favorites for March 2012. Thank you for reading


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