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Monday, 9 April 2012

Product Review: Hair One

HAIR ONE - sulphate free hair cleanser and conditioner 
The product I want to review is called HAIR ONE.  A new way to cleanse and condition hair!  It eliminates the need for multiple hair care products.

In a previous blogpost I wrote about how I applied the Scott Cornwall Permanent Keratin Hair Straightening kit onto my hair.  I now have to use products with no parabens or sodium laurel sulphate on my hair.  I found this product in Dischem.  This one product cleanses, conditions, detangles, anti frizz and adds shine in one application.

It is available in four variants:
Cucumber Aloe for normal hair
Jojoba for colour treated hair
Olive Oil for dry damaged hair
Tea Tea Oil for dry scalp

My ramblings about the product:
There is a pump on the bottle which I appreciate on a product.  There is a three step direction process on the back of the bottle which seemed quite long, so after reading I decided I had the general idea and tweaked it a little to suite me.
  I wet my hair then did a few pumps to get the product onto the palm.of my hand.  I was surprised, as it was a thick cream formula.  I was confused as to how this was going to clean my hair.  It looked and felt like a conditioner or treatment mask. I applied it to different sections.of the hair at a time and also my scalp.  I then added a little splash of water to help.distribute the product to the ends of may hair.  I massaged the product into my hair for a few minutes then combed through my hair with a wide-tooth comb.  I left the product on my hair for about 5 to 10 minutes then I rinsed my hair twice.

While I left the product on for those 5 to 10 minutes, there was a fresh tingling on the scalp.  I could feel your hair being cleansed.   It was strange to apply a product that looks and feels like a  conditioner but actually cleans your hair.  I was impressed.  One of the ingredients in the product is menthol, hence the fresh tingling sensation.  Basically it cleaned, conditioned,  and had a hair  treatment mask effect on my hair.  My hair was definitely detangled and soft.

You do use a lot of product to cover your whole head, but it has eliminated the need to purchase multiple products. So for R39.95 for 355ml of product, I think it is value for money.
The one problem I may run into is when I eventually reach the bottom of bottle.  It may be difficult to get the last bit of product out.
Hair One has no sulphates, detergents or harsh chemicals.  With continued use, hair is supposed to be more manageable and it prevents hair loss.
The package insert states that Hair One can also be used as a Deep conditioning mask, for body cleansing and shaving cream.
After my first use of this products I was not disappointed and will definitely try one of the other formulations of this product.



  1. Where does one find this product in South Africa?

    1. Hi

      This product is sold in Dischem.