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Saturday, 14 February 2015

January 2015 Favourites - Skincare

Hi All

I have not done a favourites post in a long time.  I have changed some of the products I have been using and wanted to share which products I am getting on well with. In this post I will show my skincare favourites from the picture below, then do a seperate post for the remaining products which are beauty related.

Current Favourites

Bright Plus HP Brightening Repairing Night Cream (Not shown in picture above)

I did a previous post when I purchased this night cream and I must say that I am very happy that I bought it.  I normally use the Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream which is for Anti-ageing, which I am definitely going to repurchase in the winter.  I thought summertime would be the perfect time to try this brightening & repairing night cream to soothe my skin from any sun damage that may have been caused from the summer sun and also even out my skin tone and fade any dark spots I may have.  In the morning,  I do notice that my skin is not so dull any more.  My neck and face are almost the same skin tone / shade now, whereas my face used to be noticeably darker than my neck. 

BioNike Defence Two-Phase Lotion Eye Make-up Remover 150 ml

I bought the BioNike Defence Two-Phase Lotion Eye Make-up Remover (R129.95) because the Dischem Cold Cream that I used for removing my eye-makeup had been discontinued.  So I had to find an alternative.  I was recommended this product by a sales assistant that works at Dischem.  I think I even like it better than the Clarins travel size one I received last year that looks the same as this one.  You basically have to shake it up to mix the clear liquid on top, with the blue liquid below and dispense some onto a cotton pad and hold it on over your eye for a couple of seconds while it melts the eye makeup.  Then use the cotton pads to wipe the eye makeup off your eye.  Repeat with a clean cotton pad for the second eye.  I like that it is gentle on the eye as well as non greasy.

Image result for iq rose blossom toner
IQ Dermaquench Rose Blossom Toner 200ml

Once again, I couldnt find my regular toner (Simple) because it had been discontinued.  I picked up this one because is said the following things "Alcohol Free, Anti-Ageing,  Clears, Restores & Primes Skin, Dry/Sensitive Skin".  it is also dermatologist developed.  It is soothing on my skin which I like and has a pleasant smell.  It retails for R74.99 at Dischem.

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

The Lush Mask Of Magnaminty really is a skin saver as it really does get rid of pimples.  I am just sad that it has a quick expiry date as I have soo much left and its near its expiry date.  I also wished I used it more often, instead of just using it only when I had a skin emergency.  I received this as a gift at the end of last year along with other Lush goodies.  A male Lush assistant once told me that this saved his skin as he had such bad acne.  Although it says "Minty", it is really gentle on the skin - no burning at all.  The mint isn't even strong smelling either.  This is a definite repurchase item.  It comes in two different sized tubs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on my January 2015 skincare favourites.
I am going to upload a beauty / makeup favourites post for January as well.

Keep well

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