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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Haul: Signature Cosmetics Naked Palette

Hi there

A friend of mine telephoned me and told me that Signature Cosmetics had the Naked Palette on sale.
I had to see this with my own eyes.  I drove to the Game City Signature store where she had seen it the next day, but it was sold out.  Yesterday, I stumbled across it by accident.  I was visiting family and we went to a mall that I never go to, as it is very far away from where I live.  It was right by the door and there was only a tester and two new palettes left.

Firstly, on first sight, the word "Signature" shows where the "Urban Decay" logo usually is.

Signature Naked Palette - outer packaging with plastic cover

Urban Decay Naked Palette - for comparison

Signature Naked Palette

There is also a primer called " Signature Shadow Primer Potion" and a very nice eyeshadow brush.

Signature Naked Palette

You can see the difference on the word "Naked" where the mirror is.  Also the shadows appear in the same order except for the last four shadows.

Signature Naked Palette packaging

Below are the shade names on the Signature palette.  You will notice that some names are the same and others are different.  I will add the Urban decay shade names in brackets:

Sunrise (Virgin) is a pale, santiny nude beige. It’s very light, but it’s such a beautiful neutral. It’ would make for a great all-over wash or pop of light on the inner tear duct.  It can be used on the browbone as well

Sin (Sin) is a champagne with a touch of pink. 

Nude (Naked) is a matte medium beige-brown. It has a very soft, smooth texture–not at all powdery or chalky.  I would use this shade to blend out any harsh lines.

Dust (Sidecar) is a medium bronze brown with almost a rosy beige undertone. 

Sand (Buck) is a matte medium beige-brown. It has a silky smooth texture and rich color pay off. This shade is perfect for the crease.

Copper (Half Baked) is a coppery bronze with a metallic finish. 

Stone (Smog) is a medium dark bronze with a gilded bronze sheen. 

Ash (Darkhorse) is a darkened deep chocolate brown with flecks of bronze.

Gunmetal (Toasted) is a medium dark pinky brown with a satin finish. 

Smokey (Hustle) is a dark plummy chocolate brown with a soft satin finish.

Oak (Creep) is a black onyx shade.

Urban (Gunmetal) is a blue-gray metallic. It almost feels like a duochrome, because it flashes blue but it’s dark and smoldering.

I am glad that it is advertised as a "Signature" product and not an "Urban Decay" fake.

This palette retails for R145.

Take Care!


  1. I saw this today and I was so stupid not to have bought it.Is it worth it though?

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Yes at that price, I will say it is. I must say tho, the LA Girl Nude Palette is even better. Its the Naked 3 dupe. Thanks