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Sunday, 14 December 2014

MAC Blanc Type - Double Dupe

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I always wear a highlight shade on my browbone.  All my good highlight shades in my palettes are finished because I use them almost everyday.  I checked swatches online and I made up my mind that I wanted MAC's Blanc Type.  Although the sales assistant was insisting that I must take MAC Brule eyeshadow.

A day later, I realised that I could have purchased two eyeshadows at Inglot for the price of one MAC shadow.  Though ,after using the Blanc Type and loving it, I wasn't too heart sore.

Mac Blanc Type

I then went online and discovered that Essence 22 Blockbuster Matte Effect eyeshadow is a dupe for the MAC Blanc Type at a fraction of the cost.  Yes of course I went out and got it immediately
Essence 22 Blockbuster Eyeshadow - Matte

How about a tree-way dupe?

Bobbi Brown Bone
Mac Blanc Type
Essence 22 Blockbuster

I have not tried the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow.  But it was interesting to find out that there is another dupe.

Another shadow I also purchased the same time I got the Essence Blockbuster eyeshadow is the Essence 78 Vanilla Milkshake eyeshadow.  It is the shimmer effect version of the Blockbuster eyeshadow and I use it on my inner corners of my eyes.

Essence 78 Vanilla Milkshake - Shimmer

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