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Monday, 16 June 2014

Makeup Expiration : Shelf Life Of Cosmetics

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I have been wanting to do a post on makeup / cosmetic expiration for a while now.  So here are some F.A.Q's that people need to know.

Cosmetics shelf life F.A.Q.

1. Do cosmetics expire?

Yes, as any other products.

2. What are production date, expiration date and PAO?

Production date (or manufacture date) is the date when your product was manufactured. 

Expiration date is the date after which your cosmetic product will be expired and should not be used anymore. .
Period after opening (open-jar) signTo clarify how long you can use your product once you opened it, Period after opening (PAO) sign is used. Try finding “open jar” sign with a number followed by the letter M, where number indicates how many months the product can be safely used for after opening. 

3. How can I determine exact expiration date for my cosmetics?

Your makeup will expire as soon as expiration date is reached OR end of PAO is reached.
Basically there are two options:
- Expiration date will be reached first:
Expiration date will be reached first
- PAO will be reached first:
PAO will be reached first

4. How long can I keep my cosmetics and be in safe?

Generally speaking, you can keep your cosmetics unopened up to 3 years. This is quite general term, and can depend from product and company produced it.
Please note: as soon as you opened it, you should also maintain the PAO.

5. What is average PAO for my mascara (lipstick, gloss etc)?

General period after opening is:
Perfumes, perfume, edp – up to 3 years;
Powders (including blush, eyeshadows powdery texture) – 1 to 3 years;
Foundation in a jar or a cream powder – 1 to 3 years;
Liquid tone means (in tubes or jars with dispenser) – 1 year;
Nail polish – 1 year;
Sun cosmetics – 1 year (but no more than one season);
Lipstick, lip gloss – 1 year;
Pencil (Eye, Lip) – about 1 year;
Skin care products (hydrating cosmetics, wrinkle, eye contour) in a sealed packet with the pump – about a year, in a jar – from 6 to 10 months;
Solid eyeliner and eyebrow pencil – from 6 to 8 months;
Bronzing – 6 months;
Mascara – 3-6 months;
Liquid eyeliner – from 3 to 4 months;
Natural/Organic products – up to 6 months.
Please note that natural and organic cosmetics, which do not include preservatives, can be stored up to 6 months after opening. Reason: absence of preservatives leads to a proliferation of bacteria.

6. How can I determine that cosmetic has been expired / not fresh?

The general rule is simple: as soon as you notice changes in your cosmetics – this means that the shelf life came to the end.
First of all, the smell: as soon as you feel any nasty notes, sharpness or rancidity, trash it.
Pay attention to appearance, texture , or gases have been formed in a tube – the shelf life is out!
It is very easy to determine “old age” mascara – as soon as it is dry, throw it away with no regrets, and in any case, do not try to “revive”.
Nail polish can be considered worthless, as soon as it began to thicken and harden.
Even if the recently purchased cosmetics were in the heat for quite a long time – do not use it anymore.
As a conclusion, if you have any suspicion about the appearance or odour of the product, it is better do not use it anymore. It is recommended to not use cosmetics after any visible changes in colour, texture or odour.

7. What are possible consequences of using expired cosmetics?

In the best case, expired cosmetics just stop doing what it should do; it can change its appearance, smell and colour, or become a sticky or oily.
In the worst case, expired cosmetics can result in skin irritation, dermatitis, allergic reactions and infection.

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