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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Empties : Haircare - products I have used up


This empties post is only about haircare products.  I have done one prior for make up and one for facial skincare.  I will also do one for body skincare.

Lennon Bergamot-essens (Essence)

I have blogged about this product before.  I first purchased it because a hair dresser told me what it does for damaged hair.  I was sceptical at first but OMW it really works.  My hair is not damaged any more and it is growing like wild fire.  You pour half the bottle into your shampoo and the other half into your conditioner bottle.  I also like the smell very much.  It retails between R27 and R30.

Dr. Miracles Conditioning Shampoo

I bought this shampoo because I wanted something that would cleanse my hair, but not strip the hair.  It was gentle enough (but not too gentle) and I liked the way my hair felt after using this, not dry like other shampoos leave the hair.   I also added the Bergamotessens to this shampoo.  It was worth it and would like to try other products in the range.

Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I purchased this as a value pack in Dischem for about R45, which was well worth it for a 40ml shampoo and a 180ml daily treatment conditioner.  I enjoyed using this.  The treatment conditioner was nice and thick for instant deep nourishment.  It is meant to smooth roughness and frizz which I think it does.

Marc Anthony  Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment

I have been a fan of Moroccan Argan Oil since it first came out.  It just gives my hair that extra nourishment it needs before blow drying or ironing with out any greasy oiliness.  The hair also seems to stay frizz free for longer.  I have tried other brands of Moroccan oil.  This one was R99.  I have purchased the Moroccan Argain Dry srpay oil (will do a review later).  I am planning on purchasing another brand on sale in Dischem at the moment for R39.95  50ml.

Livon Silky Protein Detangling Hair Fluid

I found this randomly while standing in the queue at Gorimas and decided to try it.  It must have cost about R45 or so.  It has lasted really long since you only need a drop.  It looks like a typical hair serum but it isn't.  Applying this to your hair directly after ironing your hair, makes a huge difference.  It kind of repels frizz and leaves your hair smooth.  My daughter has long hair, and she has a habit of not leaving the conditioner on long enough to nourish the hair.  Therefore her hair gets dry and frizzy.  I use this on heir hair after ironing it, and I see the difference instantly.  I must remember to add it to mu shopping list.

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