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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Empties: Facial Skincare - products I have used up


I have accumulated a lot of empties since I have not blogged in a while.  So I have decided to split my empties posts into different categories.  I have already done one for makeup items that I have used up.  This one I will concentrate on Facial Skincare.  Two more will follow being Haircare and Body Skincare products.

Bionike 50+ Defence Sun Very Highy Protection, Sun Spay Lotion - sensitive and intolerant skin

This is my Holy Grail sunscreen.  I used to use the cream (far left tube) but now I use the spray lotion.  I like both but love the spray more.  The cream is more for winter when my skin is dry.  The spray I can use all year round over any moisturiser.  The bottle lasted me at least a year and I got it on sale.  I have purchased the bigger 200ml bottle this time around.

Bionike Defence 100 Protective and Reinforcing Base Cream.

As you can tell, I love Bionike products.  I have raved about them before.  They might say its for Sensitive skin, but all skin types will love it.  This works so well with the Bionike sunblock mentioned above.  I use this most of the year round (Spring, Summer and Autumn).  I have repurchased this already along with the Bionike Defence 200 Base Cream which I will use during winter when my skin is drier.

***Dischem currently has their sale on.  When you buy two Bionike products, you get a free bag.  I love mine and have used it already.  If you buy a third product, you get an eye cream of your choice free.  I chose the most expensive eye cream of course.  Cant wait for my current eye cream to finish so I can use the Bionike one.***

Simple Soothing Facial Toner
Garnier Pure Active Daily Cleansing Gel Wash

I love the Simple Toner and my skin loves it.  It has no alcohol in it, but still does its job. I use it after my facial cleanser.  I have repurchased this a few times already.  I always decant some into a spray bottle and spray it onto a cotton pad.  I love using it like this and I don't use too much toner this way.  It retails for R59 at Dischem.  At the Dischem sale, you can purchase it for R39 and receive a pack of free Simple mini wipes.  Sale ends 16 March 2014.

Garnier Pure Active Daily Cleansing Gel Wash contains salicylic acid and purifying Zinc (two of my favourite ingredients.  Salicylic acid helps to stop pimples before they even decide that they want to surface.  It kills the bacteria in other words.  I use this with my facial cleansing brush.

Khiels Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

I blogged about this after my sister and I went halvies and bought this.  I really enjoyed using this.  I like serums more in the winter time when my skin is dry although this can totally be used all year round.  I think it was worth the money and my skin did feel better and look brighter in the morning when I woke up.  I might repurchase in the future, for now I have so many samples of serums which I will finish first.

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

I received a travel size as a gift with purchase.  Mine is now finished.  You have to shake it to mix the white liquid with the blue liquid then dispense some onto a cotton pad and hold it over the eye for a few seconds, then wipe away your eye makeup.  A very nice product.  I have grown to love Clarins products, and the travel sizes are 3 quarters of the size of their normal products.  Clarins are also very generous with their samples.

Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream
Another Clarins travel size gift with purchaase that I adored so much, I bought the full size (in the glass jar).  My skin loves it.  It has all the right anti-aging stuff in it.  No fragrances that normally irritate my skin.  I feel the difference in my skin when I wake up in the morning.  It is supposed to be for normal to dry skin, although my skin is combo in summer, I still love it.  The salicylic acid in my cleanser does dry out the skin, so a good moisturiser like this is absolutely welcome.

Dischem Softi 10% Pure Corron Pads

I had to mention these.  I have tried lots of cotton wool and I must say that I hate the rolled up cotton wool and I do not like like the cotton balls either.  I have tried other brands of cotton pads but they don't feel right, or they tear. I always repurchase these.  Fluorescence free cotton pads 80 pieces pure and gentle.  Both sides of the cotton pad have different patterns on it, which makes a difference to me when I apply to my face.  It is always on sale in Dischem.  R12.95 for one pack or two packs for R19.95.  Sometimes you even get three packs for that price.

Ponds Perfect Colour Complex Naturals Gentle Exfoliating Facial foam
Clicks Aloe Vera Omega 3+6 Facial Scrub
I like to use a salicylic acid cleanser in the evening and a mild cleanser in the morning.  I used this up and I quite liked it.  It was not too mild (I use very mild cleansers in the morning in winter).  This one left my skin feeling like it removed all the dirt and oil but my skin was not stripped.  My skin was left comfortable.  It has a cream consistency but is very foamy, which I like.

The Click facial scrub, I used only about twice and forgot about it, but my daughter devoured the rest of the tube.  As you can see the tube is out of shape because of the way she squeezed it.  She obviously loved it.  It was only R29 in Clicks.

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