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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Revlon Photoready Review & Shade Matching Chart

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About two years ago I received a sample of Revlon Photoready foundation in a magazine and I tried it out.  I quiet liked it.  Last year I was offered a makeover at a Revlon counter and the makeup artist used this foundation on me.  I read lots of reviews where people said that it had glitter chunks in it and makes their face look like disco ball..  Well that does not show on me and I have received compliments while wearing it. I use it alone on most days as I love the finish of it on my skin. It is also a great mixing foundation  to mix with another foundations that is too thick and cakey.  It seems to balance it out and gives a nice finish to the skin. I was sad when I tried to pump some out last week and realized there was none left and that I used up the whole bottle.  

I am in between an NC25 and N30.  I am currently using 008 Golden Beige, but now that we are in winter, I can definitely try a shade lighter in Photoready as well as in Colorstay.  I have mixed my Photoready with Colorstay when I need more coverage with very good results.  I have also mixed it with Clarins Everlasting Foundation.  I use it alone when I do not need full on coverage which is most days.  It has decent staying power and looks nice after being set with a powder.  It gives my skin a healthy look and evens out my skin-tone with no cakiness whatsoever. It is also build-able from a medium coverage to a fuller medium coverage, if that makes any sense. Best of all, it comes with a nice pump!  I will definitely repurchase.

Below is a Revlon  Photoready Shade Maching Chart created by Miss Wan ( )  She is a Youtube Guru who I follow religiously.  Her online name is fashionismycrush.  The shade matching chart was created by her after she did her research.  Please follow the link above to her blogpost to see how she collated the data for the chart.  Also, if you subscribe to her You tube channel, you will not be sorry.  It also helps that she is wears the same shade / tones as me.

Bear in mind where you fall in terms of your own MAC shade. For example, you may be in the lighter or darker end of the spectrum in NC35. Some tips on using the chart above:
- This chart was created as a guide, please use it as a reference point.
- Your undertone (either pink or yellow) will play a major role in shade determination.
- The Revlon Photoready shades do NOT correspond to the Revlon Colorstay shades.
- 006 Medium Beige is darker than 008 Golden Beige.
- NC20 & NW20 are overwhelmingly 003 Shell.
- There is a alternate pattern as the shade numbers increase moving from pink to yellow, pink to yellow.
- 006 & 008 can be mixed to create shades NC30 - NC37.
- Some shades (very light/very dark) may not be available in your area.
- Word on the street is darker shades such as Caramel & Mocha are available.
- Always feel free to mix shades to create your perfect shade.

I hope this post has been helpful. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have tried this foundation.  I know hat some people tend to love it and some people tend to dislike it.  Different strokes for different folks! lol


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