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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Essence - I ♥ Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

I have read a few posts on how good this mascara was.  I have tried a few Essence mascaras before and was not impressed by any of them.  I love most Essence products, but the mascaras never wowed me.    I have thin sparse lashes and am always looking for the best mascara high or low end.
Since Essence is very affordable, I thought I would try it out without breaking the bank and be sad if it was a miss.

I am happy to report that I like it.
- extreme volume thanks to the innovative large plastic brush
- the upper end is ideal for definition and for applying mascara to hard-to-reach areas
- extra-black lashes due to deep-black texture
- compatibility ophthalmologically confirmed

It really does give volume without having to go over the lashes a few times like I normally do.
It does not really give my lashes any length, but in terms of volume, I get fuller, thicker lashes in a shorter application time.

It is alway nice to find an affordable drugstore option.

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