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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Palladio - BeChic Cosmetics at Dischem

BeChic cosmetics is part of the Palladio group which is exclusively sold in Dischem stores here in South Africa.  I walked into Dischem to find that there was a sale at the BeChic counter / stand.  If you buy 5 products, you only pay R100.  Or you could buy one product for a reduced price (less than the normal selling price)  It seems like they are discontinuing this brand.  I went onto the website and they are on the "closeouts" section on the web.  I think BeChic has always been overlooked as there was never any advertising done and no one knew that it was part of the Palladio group.

The range consists of eyeliners, lipliners, , mascaras, lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadows, blush and bronzers
Web address :

So I chose 5 products and paid R100 which is a bargain.  I had previously purchased an eyeshadow "white chocolate" from this brand which was good quality and had great pigmentation, better than some high end brands out there.  I often use this shade as a highlight colour on my browbone.  There are 23 eyeshadow colours to choose from.

So when I went back, this time I purchased 2 blushes (Brick Rose and Dusty Mauve) and one bronzer (Sun Tan)  The range consists of 7 blushes and 3 bronzers of which Sun Tan is the lightest one.  These blushes are soo pigmented that I had to use a very light hand, otherwise too much will be applied.

There are 21 very pigmented, gorgeous lipsticks in the range.  I purchased "CLS01 Roseberry Pearl"

The last product I chose to make up my 5 products was an eyeliner.  I could not decide between an eyeliner and a lipliner initially.
I know that there are lots of stock still left if you would like any of the products mentioned above.  They are very pigmented and value for money.  I would definitely recommend stocking up on these and buying back-ups for when you run out, since the price is reduced, as apposed to paying ridiculous prices for high end brands.


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