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Saturday, 25 August 2012

2True Cosmetics at Clicks Stores

2true was launched into Superdrug in the U.K in August 2006 and since then, the brand has sold over 13 Million products.
I have been reading blogs stating that 2True will be launched at Clicks but I could not find it in my local Clicks stores.  Last week I just happened to walk into the branch in Kensington in Durban North by accident and viola!  I was so thrilled, I phoned my friend immediately and asked her what she wanted from the range.

Clicks offer a fabulous special - Any 3 products for R84,99 or if you're only buying one thing it's a mere R34,99. So affordable right?  It works out better to buy three products at a time because that’s just over R28 a product.

Here is their web address, so you can decide beforehand what you would like to purchase:

Here is a list of products we purchased:
2true Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish - shade 9
2true Glossywear Lipstick - Shade 5
2true Eyebrow Pencil
2true Twist ‘n’ Line Eye Definer - Shade 8
Lipsealer -2true Seal & Protect for Lip Colour x2
2true True Colour Blusher - Shade 1
2true Cheek ‘n’ Lip Tint - Shade 1 & 2
2true 3-in-1 Concealer - Shade 3

 I’m so glad we’re finally getting more decent budget brands, aside from Essence and Catrice. We really do need the variety and I hate that in the United States, Revlon and L’Oreal are viewed as ‘drug store’ brands, meaning they're supposed to the cheaper, inexpensive alternatives to beauty counter items, and yet we have to pay the same price for a Revlon nail polish as we would for an Essie one, which is a ‘salon’ brand. And many of L’Oreal’s mascaras, while fabulous, shouldn’t have to cost just a few rands less than one you could buy from the Clinique counter. So I  thrilled we're getting a few more wallet-friendly beauty goodies to play with.

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