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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Review - Makeup Primers

There are different primers on the market today.  I have tried foundation primers, eyeshadow primers and lip primers.
Primers are products used to prepare the face / skin / eyes for makeup.  A makeup primer most likely contains waxes, polymers, and silicones. These substances can form a bond with other cosmetics, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise have.


 Foundation primer is used to even out the skin tone, fill in fine lines and pores. Foundation goes on more smoothly and evenly, as does blush, and many other cosmetic products, if the lines are first smoothed out somewhat and it can last throughout the day. When applying foundation, it often takes less foundation to achieve the same effect if the woman has first applied makeup primer.  But, all primers are not created equal.  What works for some, will not work for others.  There are primers for oily skin, dry skin, color correcting (green face primer to counter-act redness e.g Smashbox has a green primer) and many more.  So it is important to find the correct one for your skin type.

 Face primers I have tried include:

>Yardley line minimizer primer.  This was my first primer, and I did not like it at all and will not repurchase.

>Palladio herbal primer.  I love this product  Firstly its herbal so you know its not going to break you out.  It is always sold out at the Palladio counter so that gives you an indication how good it is.  People have said that it is a dupe for the Smashbox photo finish primer.  I personally think people with drier skin will benefit from this primer.  I have a tiny bit left which I use under my eyes after eye cream to ensure a smooth application for concealer on my dry under eye area.  I have nothing negative to say about this product.

 > Catrice prime and fine smoothing refiner for invisible pores and lines.  There are huge pros and one con for this product.  It really does what it says it should do.  It blurs out any imperfections. Lines on the forehead and around the mouth are not visible.  The con: it breaks me out in pimples.  There is no ingredient list on the packaging so it hard to say what is the culprit.  I have sensitive skin so maybe other people will have luck with this.  The product and consistency is unlike any other primer I have seen.  It is light pink in colour, smooth and creamy.  Its a pity that it did not agree with my skin because its a good product.

> Farmasi makeup primer.  Matifying makeup base for all skin types.  Excellent primer which has a tint when squeezed out the tube but goes on clear.  This product is heavily perfumed / scented and therefore does not agree with my sensitive skin.

  >Yardley Oatmeal Pore Minimiser - This is not advertised as a primer, but works like one. Especially on hot days. It is advertised for oily skin so I apply it on the areas where I get oily during the day (forehead, nose and chin).  It reduces shine, mattifies the skin, reduces pore size and controls sebum.  Reduction in pores means that foundation will apply more smoothly.  This product will last a long time since a little goes a long way.  Only a tiny bit is needed to smooth over the whole face.

Product I want to try:

>Claudia Stevens - Facial Prep Foundation Base. This primer has had good reviews and seems similar to the Palladio primer.  It has the same look and consistency.


 Eyeshadow primer is used to stop eyeshadow from creasing, prolong the wear of the eyeshadow and to make the eyeshadow colour appear more vibrant.  I personally do not skip this step when applying eyeshadow.

 Eyeshadow primers I have tried include:

>Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer.  This has been compared compared it to the Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) and rumour has it, they're made by sister companies..  I used the whole tube so I obviously liked it.  It has a creamy consistency and goes on clear then rubbed in. It does prevent creasing thereby prolonging the wear of eyeshadow for at least 8 hours.

>Claudia Stevens Eye Prep Lid Primer.  This is hands down the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used!  Firstly the tube is big for an eyeshadow primer and you only use a tiny dot on each eye.  I have had this tube forever and I still have 3 quarters of the tube left.  It has the look and feel of a concealer.  This blanks out any dark areas of your eye from the lash line up to the brow bone, giving you a clear canvas to work on.  It mattifies the eyelid, prolongs the wear of eyeshadow. I have worn eyeshadow for up to 10 hours and it stayed put (I have not wore eyeshadow for more than this, so I cant comment beyond 10 hours).  Be careful not to squeeze out too much from the tube, but once you get the hang of it, it will be your best friend  forever.  It is soo affordable, so no high-end eyeshadow primers needed. 

>Catrice Eyeshadow base.  This is also a good primer.  I would say it is a bit better than the palladio eye shadow primer.  It is also creamy in consistency.  It has a tint to it which blanks out any dark areas on the eyelid, up to the brow bone.  I would say that it last a little longer than the Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer.  I also finished the whole tube of this primer.

A lip primer can keep lip color fresher and stop the feather that might otherwise happen. It keeps the lip colour vibrant and prolongs the wear of lipstick and lipgloss.

  Lip primers I have tried include:

 >Model Co Lip Wax Primer.  This lip primer was expensive and came in a super cute compact with a mini nude lipliner and a little brush and a mirror.. I usually do not use brushes that come in compacts but I do use this one.  There is soo much product / wax in this compact.  I use it everyday and there is no signs of it getting finished.  So the quantity and the quality was worth the price tag.  When it is applied, you can feel that it is a quality product.  It smooths out the lines on the lips an creates an even canvas for your lipstick to be applied.  So your natural lip colour does not interfere with the colour of the lipstick or gloss to be applied.  I apply it in the morning and it has stayed on even after drinking liquids but I re-apply after eating lunch.

Product I want to try:

 > Claudia Stevens Lid and Lip Primer Base is a 2-in-1 primer.  It looks like a lipstick tube but has a Lip primer on the one end and has an eye primer on the other.  I have heard good reviews about this product.  It is defeinitely perfect when travellling.  I have other products from the Claudia Stevens line and all have been really good and affordable.  I have so much lid and lip primer left, so it may be a while before I purchase and test this product.

If you have contact dermatitis, allergies, or milia (tiny cysts under the eyes) you should not use makeup primer.
If you are someone with a flawless complexion, you are extremely fortunate, and will find no use for this product!

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