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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Foundation Catergory: Loose & Pressed Mineral Foundation

In a previous blogpost I blogged about the best powder foundations I have tried.  Instead of concentrating on my Holy Grail foundation I am using at the moment, I decided to write about the foundations I have tried in each category. In my upcoming blogposts the foundations I am going to review is powder, cream, mousse, liquid and mineral foundations.  Mineral foundations come in different formula's (loose, pressed, cream & liquid). I would also like to review tinted moisturisers. So in this blogpost I am going to concentrate on loose and pressed mineral foundations I have tried.

Mineral Foundations
Most people have tried mineral foundations at some stage in their life because it is being marketed as being good for your skin.  However they are generally loose foundations which can get very messy.  These days companies are coming out with different types of mineral foundations which are not so messy and come in the form of liquid, cream and pressed mineral foundations as well. 

Palladio Mineral Loose Foundation
Palladio are  herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics which are not tested on animals.  I previously tried the Palladio herbal dual wet n dry powder foundation and fell in love with it, so I thought I would give this one a try. Why I was drawn to this is because it is "Talc Free".   This means it will not clog your pores.  Firstly it is reasonably priced and there is a lot of product in the tub.  It lasts forever.  No accessories are needed since a twist-up brush comes built right into the cap. Simply twist, swirl and apply.  I used this applicator only if I needed to touch up.  For my initial application in the morning, I would use a kabuki brush, which does not fit into the applicator slot.  So I would pour out a little onto an empty powder compact, swirl my kabuki brush into the the compact and then spritz my brush with distilled water and then apply onto my face.  It only comes in five shades  PMLP01- IVORY ,PMLP02- LIGHT ,PMLP03- MEDIUM,PMLP04-DEEP, PMLP05- WARM BEIGE.  Pros: Good price, lasts long.  Cons: Messy like most loose powder foundations.  So I will stick to the Palladio Dual Wet n Dry powder foundation although it gets finished really quickly.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Powder Foundation

All I can say is it is messy and will not repurchase.  If I had to choose between the Revlon and the Palladio loose powder foundation, I would choose the Palladio one just because I know it is Talc free because I have sensitive skin.

Physician's Formula Mineral Loose Powder Foundation
This comes in a huge tub and has a slot for the brush.  The brushes that come with Physicians formula products are very scratchy on the skin.  So although it is a nice sized brush, I could not use it.  I didn't feel it gave me the desired coverage.  It is less messy than the previous two foundations.  I like the fact that Physicians Formula is hypo-allergenic and talc free.  There are a lot of products in this range that I really like but I would not repurchase this product in particular..

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation
I have not tried this loose mineral foundation yet though I would like to try it more as a setting powder than a powder foundation.  It is supposed to be featherlight powder base that gives a radiant, natural-looking finish. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin like mine. It is dermatologically tested and contains SPF 25.  I have tried their cream mineral foundation which I really like and I am going to review it in my next post.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder Foundation (Pressed)

This is the only pressed mineral foundation I have tried.  It gives good coverage and I applied it like I would apply a normal pressed powder foundation with a kabuki brush.  Since my skin changes between winter and summer (lighter n winter and darker in summer), I cant wear the shade I have all year round.  I will say I like the fact that it is not messy like the loose powder foundations.  But I love the Palladio herbal dual wet n dry powder foundations better than any mineral powder foundations I have ever tried so that is what I will stick to.

In the next blogpost I will cover the other two mineral foundation categories: Liquid and cream.

Thanks for reading.


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