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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Current Hair Care Favourites

I have been using these products for more than a year and I wanted to share them with you.

Bone Strait
Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum
Shine Therapy shine & control serum

The first one is something almost every female in my family has been using for years.  It is called Bone Strait Conditioner and Blow Dry Lotion.  This is a thermally activated Conditioner and blow dry lotion that gives shine and manageability with each use. It adds moisture and sheen, detangles, softens and smooths.   It allows hair to be blown straighter, and curled tighter,  rolled easier and bounce higher.  It has a great smell and is excellent for dry and damaged hair.  I apply it to towel dried hair before any heat is applied.  I then continue to blow dry my hair.  I have re-purchased this product so many times.  It is available at Clicks and Dischem and is very affordable.

The second product is Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum.  Ideal for use with heat styling tools.
This product is not sticky like other hair serums.  It is infused with coconut oil and essence of olive oil to add shine and moisture.  It aids in leaving the hair silky, shiny and smooth.
 This range also has an after product called a hair polisher but I do not like the sticky texture.  Once I am done blow drying my hair, I apply this product and continue to iron my hair.  I have tried many heat protectants which do not work and I am left with dried out hair.  I love this one, it does not stick to the iron or the hair.  I am scraping the bottom of the bottle at the moment and need to re-purchase.  It is in a huge 177.4 ml bottle and lasted soo long.  This can be purchased from Clicks stores.

I know you must be thinking at this point that my hair must be oily, but the answer is no.  Neither of these products have an oily residue.  Blow drying dries out my hair, so at that point I replenish it with second product .  When I have limited time I often put some Bone Strait in the palm of my hand, then add the Olive Oil heat protectant into it, mix the two together and apply to my hair.  I then proceed to blow dry iron my hair.

A finishing product I use is called Shine Therapy - shine & control serum.  I freaking love this product.  The bottle is completely empty so I am sad about that.   I purchased it from Scott n Wells Shampoo Shop.  If you think your hair looks good after straightening then apply this stuff and it looks even better especially the next day.  It controls frizz and the hair is left shiny and smooth.  Fly-aways are tamed and you are left with healthy looking hair.  No one will know that you battled to iron frizzy unruly hair.  Since you only need a tiny bit, the bottle lasts very long.  This is definitely a holy grail product for me.  I only need to apply this once after ironing and not again until you are ready to wash your hair again.

I have not repurchased the Shine Therapy because after watching rave reviews on You-Tube
about Moroccan Oil, I purchased a bottle.  This bottle is 100ml from Scott n Wells Salon and you use a tiny bit.  It was used on my hair in this salon as a heat protectant and as an aftercare serum and I  was impressed , my hair looked healthy, so I purchased the bottle as I needed a new serum.  On a daily basis, u take a small pump of this and apply it to the ends of your hair.  I am still testing this product out and may do a full review later.  But I do like this product.  It is not overly oily.

Moroccan Oil

I am still in love with the Style Therapy serum because you put it on once and the effects lasts a few days.


  1. Hi Natalie, just a question. Is 'Bone Strait' just for ethnic hair type or can other hair types, like Indian hair use it too?

  2. Hi

    I think people with all hair types can use it. I have dry hair and sometimes I mix it with moroccan atgan oil with it together with Bone Stait before applying it to my hair.
    I have a bf who indian and she said that she used to use it. She has oily skin and oily hair and she says it was oily for her. It does not have an oily consistency at all, but I guess each person reacts differently to different products. It is relatively inexpensive so it should be worth a try.