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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Overcoming Hormonal Acne

Not everyone is blessed with good skin.  I grew up with oily skin and thought is was horrible because I had to scrub the oil off morning and evening.  I pretty much had it under control though as I was happy with the
products I was using.  However, last winter, my skin turned dry and dehydrated overnight.   I had terrible hormonal acne on my jawline which basically made me want to hide from the world.  Adult acne is not cool.
Not only did I have a dried up, flakey face, I also had cystic acne.  I now know that people with oily skin look younger for longer.  Once your skin starts to dry out, it ages you.

So obviously, the products I was using for oily skin was not suitable anymore.  So my quest started for new skincare products.  I can't even tell you how much money was spent at low-end and high-end counters looking and trying out products.  Sales assistants loved me and saw $$$.  They would offer me facials and then try to get me to buy the whole range afterwards, but I was practical enough to know what was necessary and which was not.

Some skincare regimens would work well on me for a month and I would break out again.  So I was not winning.  I then went online and did some research.  I learnt what ingredients in products where bad for me and what to stay away from.  So now I read product labels before I buy skincare.  I also knew I can to take something to clear out the acne from the inside as I also had developed cystic acne on my back which was hormonal as well, the really sore kind that would not go away.

I take vitamins every morning so I researched those as well so see if there where any ingredients in those that where causing breakouts, although I took them religiously for years with no side effects, but alas I found a
link to my hormonal acne and did a test to see if I was right.  I always took Omega fatty acids, which every female needs.  However, I was taking it from flaxseed oil and not fish oil.  Flaxseed oil is plant based and has omega 3,6 & 9. Fish oil makes you burp fishy smells throughout the day. which is gross.  So I figured flaxeed oil was a better bet.  It assists the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive, immune and nervous system.  It really helped keep me going during the day at work with concentration .  BUT, little did I know that flaxeed oil,  without getting technical, has plant based hormones, which mimicks  the ones in our bodies, so I basically had an overproduction of hormones going on.  The other problem is that when you consume fatty foods your omega 6 intake is higher than your omega 3 intake, you then have an imbalance, and your body reacts to this.  I know have changed my vitamins.

I swopped the flaxseed oil with Zinium, picture attached.  It has zinc oxide, selenium and vitamin E.  It is a specialized suppliment for healthy skin and immune system.  It improves mental status as well.  It clears most skin conditions.  Zinc and selenium are anti-oxidents and my skin is not dehydrated anymore, which I think is from the vitamin E.
I also did a checklist of the foods I was eating to find a link as well and sure enough, milk was the culprit.
This is not the case for everyone but this is true in my case.  Milk comes from pregnant cows.  Milk is produced to sustain baby calves.  So all those hormones are being consumed.  I have being using soy milk for over a year.  There are other alternatives to cows milk and soy milk if these do not agree with you.

I use a face wash with salicylic acid, a toner with no alcohol or harmful parabens and a repairing moisturizer developed for sensitive and intolerant skin which has anti aging properties from the  Bionike range.
Sunscreens with chemical SPF do not agree with my skin so I use one developed for sensitive skin from the Bionike range.
Lets not forget the 8 glasses of water a day!

Thanks for reading. Xoxo

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