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Saturday, 3 March 2012

DEFENCE COLOR COVER Utra-coverage concealer

I had to blog about this great product I came across.  I have always walked past the Bionike counter and never really looked at their products.  I now have a few products from their range and love every one of them.

It is advertised as a concealer, but it is a corrector because it has a salmon colour.
A concealer is applied after your foundation whereas a correcter is applied before.

In my opinion, it is better that Bobby Brown or Benefit.  It is super creamy.  It will also last for ages since you only need a tiny bit.
Selling price (South Africa) R189.95 from Dischem.

Some background info, I suffer from dark circles, whether its from hey-fever or lack of sleep, its not pretty.  I have tried hundreds of eye creams which claim to sort this problem out but hey, while I am searching for my HG eye cream, I will use this little gem that is fantastic at correcting / concealer them.

This product ensures a light and even application to neutralize any type of blueish (i.e. dark circles, bruises) or reddish (es. scars, rosacea) skin discoloration.

The active ingredients are listed on the website which I wont bore you with..

Advised for:
Neutralizing blue and red skin imperfections, either localized or spread over the face and body of people with sensitive and intolerant skin.

.The whole Bionike range was developed for people with sensitive and intolerant skin, but everyone can use it.  Check out the website  for all products relating to  to skincare, makeup etc.

The eye cream was an award winner last year so I will definitely give it a try if it is as good as the moisturiser I use from the range.

So leave me a comment below if you would like an individual review of each of the Bionike products I have or if you would like to see a review of the whole range at once.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a lovely day! xoxo


  1. I just discovered this post while researching BioNike for a post on my blog. This product is now next on my shopping list!

    1. Hi
      Glad I could help. One thing though, make sure you use a very moisturising eye cream underneath and a foundation over it. Let me know how it works for you.